Since the announcement on Netflix on March 25th, 2023, the Black Clover movie has been a cause of excitement among fans. The Black Clover movie is already scheduled to premiere this year on June 26th between the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle and Elf-Reincarnation arcs. The movie features the comeback of former Wizard King Conrad Leto.

Leaked Black Clover Movie Image Reveals Asta's New Transformation
Asta Has a Unique Transformation in Black Clover Movie

Fans of the upcoming movie Black Clover were surprised to know that an image from the movie had been leaked and posted online by an online leaker. The image showed a sneak peek of Asta’s new look as he appeared in the union mode with Liebe. Asta looks powerful and striking in the image leaked on Twitter.

Asta’s New Union Mode Transformation Surprise Fans from the Black Clover Movie

Leaked Black Clover Movie Image Reveals Asta's New Transformation
Black Clover movie characters

The leaked image has shown Asta in union mode with his companion Liebe. This is a possible indication that Asta has gained a significant amount of power boost in the movie.

Asta will have an important role to play in the movie with Liebe as they face off against the Wizard King, Conrad Leto, who is trying to take over the Clover Kingdom.

Fans are happy with the new transformation of Asta in Black Clover since the character has a new animation style and color scheme. The leaked image has also made fans excited about the character’s abilities.

Leaked Black Clover Movie Image Reveals Asta's New Transformation
Black Clover is expected to have a 1 hour 50 minutes runtime

Black Clover Anime Movie Will Soon Hit Theatres

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King anime movie is set to hit theatres on June 26th since the production has been completed. The movie is an original anime story that will establish a new Black Clover universe without affecting the manga’s storyline or future adoptions.

Where to Watch Black Clover Movie Online?

Black Clover anime movies will be available online on platforms like Netflix and Funimation. Since Netflix has distribution rights, the movie will premiere on Netflix before its online release on any other platform.