Not every show can match up to Killing Eve for the way it comes up with transformations for its main characters. Eve (Sandra Oh) never seems to be in control of her actions, even though she is making it look like she is handling it very well.

In Killing Eve season 2, the obsessions and expressiveness are becoming clearer now. In a recent interview, Sandra Oh talking about the show and revealed some interesting insights and spoilers.

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It came as a shock for many viewers. Eve and Villanelle were about to consummate their obsession for one another when she ended up stabbing him. The twist will have some interesting consequences. Even the actress looked pleased with the development.

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You can speak of it as stabbing, but I love working in the metaphor: having the violence or the penetration was fascinating to me.

The Killing Eve actress said that she loved the mystery and magic and the ambiguity that follows. She added that even Eve is also not aware as to what will happen now. These twists make the show very fascinating and make the fans stay glued to it. Apart from the eventful twists, it features some reactive and expressive characters that you wouldn’t normally associate with the show.

The Sunday premiere of the Killing Eve season 2 is one of the best things that have happened till now. Several publications were happy with it as well as the viewers who were content to watch it.

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