Kim Kardashian has been accused of a Photoshop disaster, which has everyone in stitches.

The 42-year-old SKIMS creator is one of the world’s most famous people, with 353 million Instagram followers.

Kanye West’s ex-wife is well-known for her business empire, high-profile relationships, and role as a reality TV personality.

While Kim Kardashian is incredibly successful, her latest social media post has amused many of her followers.

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On the social networking platform, the Kardashians star posted a full-length mirror selfie of herself wearing her latest SKIMS bikini.

“I just try on SKIMS swim and pray it doesn’t rain forever in LA,” the caption reads.

Despite receiving 2.7 million likes, several followers have pointed out a possible error.

While the photo looks to be unrelated, others have noticed that the region around Kim Kardashian’s left hand appears to have been altered, and she is now suspected of Photoshopping the image.

Kim Kardashian

“Why are your fingers deformed? Very poorly edited picture,” says one person.

Someone else slams: “The amount of editing is absurd. Just post a regular pic. Nobody cares… You’re in your 40s.”

“Why she got alien fingers,” questions another.

Pitching in, a fourth also asks: “What’s up with her fingers?”

While somebody else remarks: “I wonder if she realises we know how badly her photos are photoshopped.”

“Lol, why was this picture edited much?!… The right side finger was erased and the inner thighs on the left were pixelated due to trims,” comments another.

However, some eagle-eyed fans believe that the image isn’t Photoshopped at all – and it’s simply the pop-socket on the back of her phone covering up her finger.

Defending her, a fan writes: “Her fingers aren’t deformed she’s got a pop socket on her phone!”

Another adds: “Just looks like she has a pop socket in her phone and her fingers are around that.”

While others are saying that it is ‘obvious’ she has the accessory on the back of her phone and all you have to do is zoom in.

Kim Kardashian has a history of Photoshop fails – with her recently being accused of having a ‘third leg’.

The SKKN owner was advertising her SKIMS knickers line at the time by uploading images of herself wearing the new bra and knickers sets.

While many admirers were left drooling over the beautiful photos, others remarked that The Kardashians star looked to have a ‘third thigh’.

Several people accused Kim Kardashian of attempting to manipulate the image to make it appear as though she had a “thigh gap.”

While she was being chastised, fans rallied to her rescue, stating that the mirror behind her was deceiving.