Kingdom Chapter 756 spoilers and raw scans are released, and fans have a lot to look forward to. Here’s a quick review of everything that has been leaked so far and how you can read them online.

Kingdom is a historical manga series, a masterpiece created and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. Since January 2006, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump, with chapters collected in 68  tankōbon volumes as of April 2023. The manga has a big fan base that hasn’t gotten bored of the series.

Kingdom Chapter 756 Spoilers!

In Kingdom Chapter 756, the fans finally discovered Shin’s next mission is to travel to Shintei with two of the six generals and conduct an investigation in the capital. Fans had anticipated Shouheikun to devise a strategy to address the damage, but he chose to expand his conquests.

Kingdom Chapter 756 Spoilers, Raw Scans and more!
A scene from the Kingdom anime series

Recap of Kingdom chapter 755

In the previous chapters, we see, after suffering a significant loss in the battle of Gi’an against the Zhao dynasty, the men of Qin flee. Before everyone is astonished when Naki is unprepared and stands in his place without moving with them, Shin and those with him carry out the withdrawal procedures described in the first three pages. The Saki clan left to go to their refuge after the battle, while the Kanki clan opted to serve as mercenaries. Shin was observed attempting to cope with Kanki’s passing.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead!

According to a Reddit thread, Kingdom chapter 756 spoilers started with When Shouheikun was formulating a new plan, he was moving an army piece in the direction of a kingdom. The next excerpt shows Sei and Shin chatting at the top of a tower as they talk about the defeat that Qin suffered at the hands of the Zhao empire at Gi’an as well as the passing of one of the great six. When Sei asks about Shin’s health, Shin says that he should be telling Sei that everything is OK considering the concern that losing one of the “great six” would generate. Shin claims that Ten told him that the scenario is probably a chaotic mess.

Kingdom Chapter 756 Spoilers, Raw Scans and more!
Raw Scan from Chapter 756

The two then talked about how Riboku might not have caused Kanki’s body to be disfigured after his passing. While each of the kingdoms started preparing for their next move, the rest of China seemed to be encouraged by his demise. While Shin was displeased to discover this, he was given the responsibility of giving Sei the wing that Kanki had left behind, and he did it with duty.

Kingdom Chapter 756 spoiler reveals One of the six general positions had become vacant with the passing of Kanki, and a deserving candidate needed to replace it. Shin was aware that Mouten, Ouhon, or himself needed to take the job but thought they weren’t prepared.

Kingdom Chapter 756 Spoilers, Raw Scans and more!
Raw Scan from Chapter 756 Spoiler

Both of the generals were already armored when they arrived, so Sei asked Tou whether they were prepared for their new mission. According to Shouheikun’s orders, Shin was to accompany them, although he was unaware of the new strategy. Rokuomi explained how their attack on Gi’an was unsuccessful, leading to a shift in strategy.

However, Shin would be the only one to learn this information from the general because of their mission.

As revealed in Kingdom chapter 756 spoilers, Rokuomi then informed Shin that their duty was to watch over an ambassador traveling to the Han Kingdom’s capital city of Shintei while they were traveling. The supervision of two of the six generals was not necessary for the envoy job, however. As a result of their defeat in the north, Shouheikun was going to invade Shintei, and Tou then disclosed that they had another goal, namely to look into the place.

Finally, Kingdom chapter 756 spoilers show Shin following the two generals on their reconnaissance expedition, where they were to observe and convey information about Shintei to Shouheikun to formulate a strategy to conquer the city in a future conflict.

Kingdom Chapter 756 will be released on Weekly Young Jump.

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