Kristen Stewart has been a familiar face in the house of Chanel for many years. In an interview with French Vogue, she spoke about her relationship with Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, and her ultimate style advice.

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What She Shares with the Chanel Brand

According to Kristen,

“The ambitious and personal vision that was Coco Chanel’s is sustained by the women I’ve come to know at the fashion house today. They carry that torch for her. I admire and am also fueled by that commitment to perspective. Their deep, sharp love of aesthetics and the audacity to express that truly… from somewhere equally as incommunicable and intimate is why I love Chanel’s whole story. I feel that in our exchange… our work together… we share and feed a particular hunger for expression. I am so grateful for that.”

Her Most Memorable Chanel Outfit

Kristen recalls the iridescent rose and champagne-colored sequined pantsuit she wore to the Cannes Film Festival as her most memorable Chanel outfit. She said,

“I loved wearing it. I felt so great in it. The carpets there are long. I felt like I could wear it forever. It was for the premier of The Clouds of Sils Maria… I was with Olivier (Assayas) and Juliette (Binoche) and I remember thinking… this is exactly right. All of this.”

Her Ultimate Style Advice

Kristen’s ultimate style advice is simple yet powerful, “Do you.”

Five Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Kristen shared her top five wardrobe essentials that every woman should have:

  1. Pretty underwear: According to Kristen, “The day you learn that things change, gradually. Not even for other people but for you. Such a nice touch.”
  2. A pair of Levis: Kristen believes that a couple of Levis that make you feel sexier than any dress you own is a must-have.
  3. Something signature: It could be anything like a leather jacket or something that always makes you feel like you nailed it. Kristen says, “I feel like the right clothes take care of me. Like they’re pals. I love writing my name on things. I hate losing my stuff– if it doesn’t hurt to lose something… it’s not for me.”
  4. A nice robe: Kristen suggests investing in a nice robe that is not a towel but something to wear in the house.
  5. Something sentimental: Kristen loves finding a jacket someone left and throwing it on. She believes that something that belongs to a friend or someone you love is something to covet.


What is Kristen Stewart’s connection with Chanel?

Kristen Stewart has been linked to the house Chanel for many years now. Karl Lagerfeld took a personal interest in her, and she has been the face of various Chanel collections.

What is Kristen Stewart’s ultimate style advice?

According to Kristen Stewart, the ultimate style advice is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel good.

According to Kristen Stewart, what are the five pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Kristen Stewart believes that every woman should have pretty underwear, a pair of Levis that makes her feel sexy, something signature that she covets, a nice robe, and something sentimental that belongs to a friend or loved one.

What is the significance of pretty underwear, according to Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart believes that wearing pretty underwear can make a woman feel different and be a nice touch, even if it’s not visible to others.

Source: Celebitchy