A lawyer who left her job and turned to OnlyFans says she is now happy and earning more money on the platform.

OnlyFans has taken the world by storm, with many people using the subscription site to earn extra money, with some earning a substantial amount and turning it into a full-time job.

The platform can be so lucrative that it’s common for some creators to quit their jobs in order to rely solely on the site for money.

This is demonstrated by Jazmen Jafar, an attorney who earned $75,000 per year but chose to quit her job and become a full-time OnlyFans creator, claiming that she can now make her previous yearly salary in just one month.

Jazmen Jafar’s(Onlyfans) Instagram

Jazmen Jafar Onlyfans

According to Business Insider, the 27-year-old earned her annual salary in just one month on the site and earned more than $180,000 in the first three months alone.

To protect her identity, the OnlyFans model chose the name Jazmen Jafar, which she derived from Disney’s Aladdin (I’m confident we can all concur that Jafar is the sexiest of all the villains).

During her tenure on the platform, the model has made approximately 1200 posts and 2200 videos, and she does daily live streams, which viewers can subscribe to for $7 per month.

She disclosed that the account was created in early 2021, and she joined the law firm later that year, but after her account took off, she left her job in March 2022.

Jafar revealed to Insider that her parents laid out a life plan for her to pursue, which included becoming a lawyer. The 27-year-old did it reluctantly and even hoped she would be rejected during her employment interview because she did not want to practice law.

“Before, when my future was so clear, and I had a great long stable legal career in the works,” the 27-year-old told Insider.

“During the day, I worked at the law firm, and at night, I would come home and film content.” I’d shoot all weekend as well. It was always awkward when colleagues asked how I spent my weekend, and I’d respond, ‘Just relaxing indoors,’ when in reality I was filming myself sucking dild0s or whatever.”

On the other hand, working as an OnlyFans content producer is more complex than it sounds. Jafar admits that she now spends more time working each day than her previous law company’s 10 hours per day.

Jazmen Jafar Onlyfans

Despite working longer hours, the 27-year-old stated that she is happier working on the platform, and even though her family was shocked when she left the law firm, they still adore her.

Jafar wants to use her platform to fight for the rights of sex workers and to dispel the stigma that surrounds OnlyFans and their creators.

“It’s a last resort for me because I had a well-paying job that I could’ve done for the rest of my life,” Jafar concluded. “I chose this because I desired liberty and happiness.”