Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton gently implored the FIA to intervene and implement certain modifications to the existing set of regulations, fearing that rival Red Bull might continue their dominance unabated until 2026.

The Austrian team successfully assimilated the most effectively out of all ten teams on the grid to the new regulations last season. In 2023, they have elevated their performance from the previous year and are well on their path to triumph in every race this season.

Ahead of the implementation of the new engine regulations in 2026, the Briton highlighted that the present state of the sport is unfavorable, citing the significant disparities between the teams.

According to, Lewis Hamilton stated:

“I think it’s something really negative. It’s good that we’re trying new things, it’s important that we keep moving forward and evolving, because technology has evolved. It’s unfortunate because we still have the same kind of gaps between the teams. I don’t know what the solution is for the future, but I think we are going to have to keep adapting these regulations, otherwise, it could be the same as now for years, until 2026.”

Toto Wolff Opens Up About Awkward Contract Negotiations with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff expressed his discomfort with the frequent discussions surrounding money and contracts every three years, describing it as a source of embarrassment for both himself and Lewis Hamilton.

According to Motorsport-Total, Wolff remarked:

It’s super embarrassing. Every three years, we know that we have this moment. And it’s like negotiating the financial terms with your best friend with a close friend. How do you go about it? Normally, you don’t have a situation like that. I want the best for him, but in this role, I need the best for the team. It may be the only time in our ten or eleven years that we’re together and our goals diverge.

Additionally, he stated:

Ultimately, it’s difficult to talk about money with a friend. Penny [Thow, Hamilton’s manager] helps with that. Penny kept us in check, and we found a good modus operandi with her about how we talk to each other. We avoid it to talk to each other about money, but we both talk to Penny.

Lewis Hamilton’s contractual agreement with the German team concludes at the conclusion of the 2023 season. Despite certain reports suggesting that the seven-time world champion might part ways with the team, both Lewis Hamilton and the team have conveyed their mutual intention to prolong their partnership.