Recap of the Season Finale

The much-awaited season finale of the Apple Original series Liaison, titled “Bonfire,” sees Alison (Eva Green) and Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) working together to take down the criminal organization Antropa from inside their London headquarters. As the Brits and the French secret service (DGSE) join forces to hunt down a mole within the British Government, Alison and Gabriel face numerous challenges to stop the terrorists and reconcile their feelings.

The episode starts with Alison and Gabriel successfully bringing Samir and his family back to Britain without any casualties. However, tensions rise between Alison and Gabriel as they discuss the death of Nathalie, with Alison admitting that it was an accident but also revealing her past feelings for Gabriel. In London, Alison returns to her home, badly beaten and bruised, where she confronts Gabriel and orders him to leave after a heated argument.

Alison meets with Richard, her partner Albert’s boss, and shares the USB drive containing Antropa’s attack plans. She also warns Richard about a mole in the British Government, but they are yet to identify the culprit. Meanwhile, Didier forces Sabine to travel to London with him and hand over EU passwords due to her child’s safety. The Brits, led by DCI Hobbs and the DGSE, closely monitor Didier and Sabine’s movements.

As the episode progresses, tensions rise at Antropa headquarters as Francis Miller, the head of the organization, learns about the DGSE’s access to the USB drive and orders Bob to liquidate their assets and disappear. Sabine tries to send an alert to the European Commission. Still, she is stopped and taken to a different room with Samir, who sacrifices himself to allow Sabine and Myriam to escape. Gabriel infiltrates Antropa HQ, and Alison is spotted by the Brits, who suspect her of being the mole. The episode ends with Francis revealing that Alison will be used as a scapegoat and killed for her alleged betrayal.

Ending Explained

The season finale of the Apple Original series Liaison leaves several questions unanswered. Will Alison and Gabriel be able to stop Antropa’s plans in time? Who is the mole within the British Government? What is Antropa’s ultimate goal? These questions set the stage for an intriguing and suspenseful next season.


Q: Who is the mole in the British Government?

A: The mole’s identity has not been revealed yet and remains a mystery.

Q: What is Antropa’s plan?

A: Antropa’s plan is not fully disclosed, but they are shown to be liquidating their assets and disappearing after learning about the DGSE’s access to their criminal plans.

Q: What happened to Samir?

A: Samir sacrifices himself to allow Sabine and Myriam to escape from Antropa headquarters, but he is shot dead by the Antropa goons.


The season finale of Liaison delivers an action-packed and suspenseful episode, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and intriguing characters. With unresolved questions and a cliffhanger ending, fans eagerly anticipate the next season to see how Alison and Gabriel’s story unfolds in their battle against Antropa and the search for the mole within the British Government.