Loren Grey, an American television personality, disclosed the truth about many influential people and Coachella. According to the star in a recent TikTok video, many influencers do not attend the festival but pretend to be there to improve their social media profile engagement. Grey described how many influencers cheat their followers in order to increase their number of followers and likes.


Grey also stated that if people feel guilty about not being able to attend the Coachella music festival, this is the unfortunate truth about the influencers, as many do not attend.

Loren Gray calls Coachella an influencers Olympics.

Loren Grey rose to prominence at a young age. She began her work as an influencer at the age of 13 years old. The now-20-year-old artist recently discussed how many influencers lie about attending Coachella. Grey stated in her TikTok video that no one discusses the amusing concept of influencers pretending to be there on their social media profiles while actually being elsewhere. According to the TikTok celebrity,

“Coachella’s like the influencer Olympics, right? It’s the place to be. But most influencers, or a lot of influencers, don’t even go to Coachella, and I think that this is such a wild fact.”

According to the Options singer, many influences travel to the desert. They reserve an Airbnb and generate content for their Instagram. The artist said they only publish phony updates like “Coachella Day 1 and Day 2” on Instagram and TikTok.

Loren Gray said most influencers don’t even have the Coachella wristband

The My Story singer shared why she believes most influencers do not attend Coachella. She stated they were not spotted wearing the wristband distributed to attendees. According to the singer,

“They don’t go to the festival. They don’t have wristbands. They just drive their little b*tts out to the desert to take Instagram photos, make TikToks, get ready with me’s, whatever. Then they drive back, and that’s it.”

The veteran influencers had a message for everyone who felt like they were missing out while watching everyone else at the festival. She stated,

“So, if you feel boring and sad because you’re not at Coachella, just know that most of these people aren’t there either. It’s, like, a very common occurrence that I thought people knew, but I didn’t see anyone talking about it. So, now you know.”

Grey has nearly 54 million TikTok followers. Gray’s TikTok video is making waves on the internet after the singer made a statement about influencers. Many netizens believed what Grey said to be genuine, and many swarmed her comment area to thank her for stating it.