Lucas Babin may have played a grimy guitarist in School Of Rock, but he went on to have a far more clean-cut career once the filming concluded. After portraying Spider in the 2003 film, the actor went on to study law and eventually became a district attorney in Texas. However, This isn’t the only shocking thing about Babin.

In the film, his character replaces Jack Black and joins the fictional band No Vacancy. Spider (Babin) emerges in the infamous cut-off leather jacket during the notorious battle of the bands’ scene and flirts with the modest Miss Mullins (Joan Cusack). However, it appears that Lucas Babin has had a far broader career than his time at the School of Rock.

Lucas Babin
Lucas Babin

In addition to modeling for Gucci, Versace, and Calvin Klein, the 43-year-old had a brief stint as a soap actress. He played an American cowboy in the Brazilian telenovela América, speaking flawless Portuguese during his 67-episode run.

However, the School of Rock star would have his own musical link as the love interest in Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars Are Blind’ song video. If that wasn’t enough, he played Alanis Morissette’s knight in shining armor in her 2002 video for “Precious Illusions.”

While he was making people’s hearts skip a beat on the big screen, Babin fled the spotlight to pursue a career in law.

Lucas Babin as District Attorney of Tyler County, Texas

Lucas Babin
Lucas Babin

The former actor, who is now a district attorney in Tyler County, Texas, has been in court on multiple occasions, with fans uploading images on social media.

One tweet from 2021 went viral, showing the attorney standing next to his former alter-ego.

The user excitedly wrote: “the guy who played Spider in School of Rock is now the district attorney of Tyler County, Texas, and now we’re all just going to have to live with this information forever.”

In the thread, they added ‘the range, though’ before saying: “Imagine having to explain to your family that you got put away for life by the dude who gyrated on Joan Cusack in a 2003 Jack Black comedy.”

Another joked: “He’s making sure there is NO VACANCY at the Tyler County jail.”

However, not everyone has been thrilled by the former heartthrob’s legal career, with another fan decrying: “Not my s*xual awakening revealing himself as a TEXAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL.”

Perhaps he can make jailhouse rock!