After a year of struggling and waiting anxiously, Lucifer fans finally have some good news. The show has been picked up by the online streaming giant Netflix for renewal of Lucifer season 4. Speculations suggest that we will see the return of the Lord of Hell before the end of the year.

With the release date still unconfirmed, fans are eager to know as many details about the next season as possible. And there is one thing we know for certain – this season will have the shortest number of episodes in the history of the show.

Fewer episodes mean tighter storyline for Lucifer season 4

lucifer season 4 netflixThe earlier seasons featured 22 episodes each, but Netflix has a history of limited episodes per season. Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, the producers of the show have revealed that the number of episodes in Lucifer season 4 has now been reduced to just 10.

When asked about what challenges this added to the shortening the storyline, they said,

“Challenges? You kidding! We LOVED having less episodes.”

The producers added that lesser episodes meant that they were able to come up with a “tighter, more streamlined season arc.”

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When talking about what downsides are to shorter runtime, they revealed that they will not able to construct any stand-alone stories.

Lucifer season 4: Changes that can be expected

lucifer season 4Nonetheless, they seemed excited. They added, that the standalone episodes

“can be a ton of fun, and give us cool insight into certain characters. But the upside it’s lean and mean, baby. Lean and MEAN.”

Fans can rest easy though, the producers do not intend on making any sweeping changes in the format. They have decided that Lucifer will be the

“same show at its heart.”

But since it is not on cable anymore, they do intend to “push the boundaries ever so slightly.”

“So the dark parts got just a tad darker, and the sexy bits just a tad sexier.”

Lucifer Season 4 is set to be released on Netflix this year.

Lucifer Season 4 poster release