The father of Lukas Van Ness has perplexed social media users after a viral video surfaced showing him smacking his son’s fiancée on the bottom during an NFL Draught celebration.

On Thursday (April 27), the 21-year-old footballer was picked 13th overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, and his father, Jason, was clearly overjoyed.

In a video posted to social media, the father-of-four joyously stood and pumped his fists before embracing Lukas Van Ness’ fiancée, Frankie Kmet.

The elderly man then slapped the brunette on the bu*tocks twice, as she is the daughter of retired NFL defensive end Frank Kmet and the sister of Chicago Bears tight end Cole Kmet.

Take a look at the video below:

Jason quickly became viral as many users rushed into the quotes to voice their startled reactions, with many deeming Jason’s move incredibly improper.

One person wrote: “Nah this is WILD. that’s his son’s girl and [mom] is in attendance. These ppl crazy.”

Another user remarked: “Man, that was awkward, what a creep…,” while a third person commented: “This is the most awkward draft moment of all time.”

A fourth questioned: “Lukas Van Ness’s dad sneaking in a quick 2 piece out here on national tv???”

Lastly, a fifth user stated: “Caught in 4k lol god damn.”

The Packers chose Lukas Van Ness after trading Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets in one of the offseason’s most dramatic deals.

The youthful athlete was named the Iowa Hawkeyes’ top defensive lineman the previous two seasons. According to Fox News, he participated in all 13 games in 2021 and had 33 total tackles, seven sacks, and a pass defense.

A year later, the footballer had appeared in all 13 games, totaling 37 tackles and six sacks. In 2022, he was named to the Big Ten second team.

According to Newsweek, Van Jess spoke about his time in Iowa and how he has evolved over the past couple of years, stating: “I just came in as a long, tall, lanky kid who had the frame and the ability once I got in the right program to grow and develop. I feel super comfortable with my development, and I feel like it was crucial to the way my career played out at Iowa.”

He also explained what areas he feels are his proficiency, saying: “Getting the opportunity to bump back outside this year… that’s where I feel comfortable.

Lukas Van Ness

Lukas Van Ness

“That’s where I feel like I can use my tools and excel, and they bumped me outside and I feel like I was able to take what I learned playing defensive tackle and move it outside to play a physical brand of football, use my length on the edge, use my power and just really impact the game to help this team win,” he added.

The Packers GM Gutekunst supported Lukas Van Ness, expressing: “I do think he’s going to play right away, and he’ll help us right away. There’s so much technique to that to be able to win in this league. It all takes them a little bit of time. But I would expect him to be able to help us this year.”