Glass by M Night Shyamalan, brings a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, leaving unanswered the tantalizing questions and therefore tying up mysteries. The concluding part of the Unbreakable trilogy is now in theaters.

Let’s have a quick recap of the first two parts of the trilogy before moving on to some spoilers from Glass.

Unbreakable and Split explained

Unbreakable begins with the introduction of David Dunn, the security guard who manages to survive the train crash. It is gradually revealed that Elijah Price was behind the crash with a special motive. Price is in search of a superhero to prove that they do exist.

Along with the strength, David also has the talent to see the crime committed by people by merely touching them. David gets to know about Elijah’s plan through his talents and reports him to police due to which Elijah ends up in an institution for the criminally insane.

The story further introduces Kevin Wendell Crumb who is suffering from dis-associative identity disorder. Kevin has 23 distinct personalities apart from his 24th personality, “the Beast”, which gives him the superhuman strength.

There is only one way to bring out the original Kevin and only Casey knows how to do that. Casey was abused by her uncle and when the Beast in Kevin witnesses those scars, he runs away.

M Night Shyamalan’s Glass Ending Explained

The movie begins with David continuing his vigilante ways that puts him on a collision course with The Beast. The Beast, also called The Horde, has managed to kidnap some cheerleaders. David manages to find them holed up in a warehouse where they are captured by Dr Ellie Staple and the police.

M Night Shyamalan's Glass ending explained
Dr Staple tries to make Elijah, David and Kevin believe that they are just like any other ordinary human. Credits: Digital Spy

The movie then moves to Raven Hill Memorial where major incidents happen. Dr Staple has a specialization to deal with people who think of themselves as super heroes.

Staple goes on to persuade Kevin, David and Elijah about they being normal. She wants to make them believe that they are just like other people.

According to Dr Staple, they have witnessed a specific incident. This has made them believe that they have developed special powers as a way to cope with it.

Dr Staple further gives logical explanation for their powers. She is completely unaware what Elijah has in mind.

The twists and turns of Glass

Elijah manages to escape and releases The Beast. He further urges David to stop The Beast to show that he has legitimate powers.

David follows and the two are seen tackling one another by Elijah. A SWAT team also arrives, but they fail to stop The Beast and David.

The Beast escapes, but Casey finally manages to calm him down. The story takes on a lot of twisted turns and you would have to watch to understand this mystery.

Source: Digital SpyVulture