Flashback to Magnum and Captain Buck

The third episode of Magnum P.I. Season 5 opened with a flashback two years ago when Magnum met with Captain Buck, who wanted to apologize for betraying and endangering his and his friends’ lives. Magnum forgives Captain Buck and asks him to stop torturing himself. In the present, Magnum and T.C. identify Captain Buck’s body and become suspicious about his death.

Katsumoto and Rae’s Story

Katsumoto finds himself working as part of the security details for a famous K-pop singer, Rae. After Rae insists on riding along with Katsumoto, they bond during their time together. Rae shares her struggles with owning her music and not trusting people. During a rehearsal, a man tries to stab Rae, and Katsumoto is stabbed while saving her life. Rae visits Katsumoto in the hospital and offers him a job, which he declines.

Rick and Higgins’ Adventure

While Higgins and Rick team up to help Rick’s friend, Rick confides in Higgins that he thinks Magnum is in a relationship but doesn’t know who he sees. They arrive at Rick’s friend’s house and find him dead on the floor with two armed men present. Meanwhile, Magnum suspects Captain Buck is trying to send them a message using his watch and begins to wonder why Rick and Higgins are unreachable.

Katsu Moto’s Investigation

Katsumoto heads to the police station to give his statement and meets Detective Childs. They discover that Rae’s label ordered the hit on her, and Kwan, Rae’s head of security, offered Katsumoto money to keep quiet about it. Katsumoto warns Rae not to return to Korea and spend the night at his house.

Rick and Higgins Escape

While being driven to a secret location with the dead body, Rick and Higgins find themselves in a dangerous situation with two armed men. They negotiate for their freedom by offering to recover whatever the men seek. Magnum and T.C. trace their movements and realize something about Rick’s friend’s house is off.


What happened in Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 3?

The episode focuses on two separate stories. One involves Katsumoto working security for a K-pop star, Rae, who is targeted in an attack. The other involves Rick and Higgins helping a friend while being held at gunpoint.

What is the connection between the stories?

There is no direct connection between the two stories, but Magnum suspects Captain Buck’s death is related to Rick and Higgins’ adventure.

What happens to Rae?

After Katsumoto discovers that Rae’s label ordered the hit on her life, he warns her not to return to Korea and offers her a place to stay.

Does Magnum P.I. have a romantic interest?

Rick believes Magnum is in love with someone, but the person’s identity is not revealed in this episode.