We all have our jobs, schools, social circles, families, romantic interests, etc. Only we exist for our pets.

Get a plush toy instead if you don’t want to care for an animal and give it everything it deserves and needs. It will never mature and doesn’t need attention, nourishment, or medication.

AITA for disclosing to our shared friends the true reason I got a cat? Asked u/8billionaliens, a Reddit member. The narrative is captivating.

He adopted the cat specifically to keep it from being given to a shelter. The cat’s owner (the coworker of the OP) became bored with it and wanted to throw it out as trash.

OP decided to adopt it after receiving it in foster care. He didn’t even request the cost-sharing that his coworker had assured him he would receive.

However, he finally broke and revealed the truth to two of his friends about her pet-keeping practices when he learned that she intended to adopt another kitten. The office turned its back on her as the tale soon went viral.

She is now furious with OP. Is it his fault that he spoke up to try to save some helpless animal?

OP asks:

He agreed to foster a cat to prevent its owner from taking it to a shelter

The cat was in poor condition, and the owner (who happens to be OP’s coworker) was more interested in drinking than taking care of it.

It turned out that the animal was sweet and well-behaved (despite of what its owner said)

OP took it to the vet and started the healing process. He decided to keep the cat

In the meantime, the previous owner sure did indulge herself. She spent money on her hair and nails and didn’t think of contributing to the expenses OP had before he decided to keep the cat. OP was angry but didn’t react until he heard her talking about adopting another kitten. That was the final straw.

The truth spread like wildfire…

OP is taking great care of the cat and it is finally happy and safe

Not even a cactus…

One Redditor shared a similar story:

Some people are simply heartless

But, luckily, the dog is safe and happy now

She needs a plush doll. That’s it.

This is a good idea:

But OP had already thought of it:

Shelters have these lists:

Sadly, this is true:

Bat counselling may be the best solution

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The important thing is to stop this woman from adopting any more kittens:

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Adopting a cat indicates your willingness to give a homeless animal a place to live, food, and affection. Sadly, some individuals solely care about kittens’ appearance and size while deciding whether to retain them.

Additionally, they are significantly less expensive to maintain because they don’t consume as much and are generally healthier than older cats. They continue to overlook the fact that these are living, developing beings.

Additionally, these live things need ongoing care.