People of the United States have been struggling for decades in order to get recreational marijuana legalised. The US Food And Drug Administration legalised a cannabis-derived drug for the first time ever. As a result, the legalisation movement has garnered a huge momentum and more and more states in the United States are allowing prescription based weed usage.

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Medical marijuana allowed in Canada and 33 US states

Marijuana US statesLast year was truly sensational when Canada announced that it was the first industrialized country in the world to do so.

33 US States allowed medical marijuana and 10 of them also allow adult consumption. A few weeks ago, Illinois legislature wanted to pass the House Bill 1438 which will legalize recreational marijuana throughout the state by January 1 next year.

Which states are next

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This bill will allow everyone over the age of 21 years to buy and possess up to 30 grams of Cannabis. Now that more than 10 other states are behind the movement, the government will impose an excise tax up to 10% on the sales.

After this critical step by Illinois, there are several states which are looking to take similar measures. It is expected that New York and New Jersey may make a similar decision by 2020. Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative will be put on the ballot in November 2019 and it is highly likely that Ohio will be the next state to legalize recreational use of the drug.

Other states winding up for the movement are Arizona and Florida. No matter how many months it takes, it appears that the recreational cannabis industry will see definite growth in the future.