Martha Stewart is keeping her pledge to keep posting thirst traps.

Though the 81-year-old’s two-slide Instagram post on Wednesday was accompanied by news of canceled travel plans, many of her followers appeared to be more interested in her stunning skin, perfect pout, and bouncy blond blowout.

“Martha straight killin’ it,” “Looking fabulous, Ms. Martha,” and “Making the best of it and giving us all a gift in the process” were among the comments left beneath the seductive snaps.

One social media user even compared the famous chef to Meryl Streep’s high-powered, fashion-forward character in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Stewart clarified in her caption that her flight, along with all others bound for Chicago O’Hare International Airport, had been canceled due to “very bad weather.”

She claimed she had a “speaking engagement at a huge gathering” in Chicago and that her forced absence marked “the very first time in [her] career that [she] missed a contracted appearance.”

Despite feeling “really disappointed” by the situation, the retail magnate decided to take advantage of her “newly found time” by pampering herself with a manicure, pedicure, and haircut.

She then thanked her nail technician, Luda, and her “maestro” hairdresser, John Barrett, for the “refreshing and lovely” “new do.”

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

The TV personality recently shared her tips for getting the ideal selfie.

In February, she told Page Six Style, “Work your best angles and project the jaw to look up towards the camera.” “Also, make sure your lighting is optimized.”

Some admirers, however, are skeptical of her claim that she did not undergo plastic surgery to achieve her strikingly youthful appearance.