Martha Stewart’s farm is in upstate New York. In April, Davidson and his girlfriend, actress Chase Sui Wonders, went there. While there, they went on a house hunt.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Martha Stewart talked about the trip.

Pete’s looking for a house in my neighborhood. So he came over to see my farm and understand what it was like to live in and around Bedford.


He had such a nice time; came up to the house and chatted for a while,

Martha Stewart added,

He seems very happy.


Before she talked to Access Hollywood, Martha Stewart had given hints that the couple was interested in her neighborhood.

After their first trip, she posted on Instagram that the two of them had gone out with real estate agent Muffin Dowdle to check out the area.

I showed them around the farm and inside the winter house where the Easter Bunnies were getting ready for Sunday,

Martha Stewart captioned a photo of the three of them on the front steps of her home.

In another part of the interview, Stewart talked about how her new business, The Bedford, will bring Bedford style to Las Vegas. She told Access Hollywood that the restaurant was made to look like her own home.

[It’s] really a replica of my house in Bedford,

Stewart explained.

She showed pictures of the “brown room” of the restaurant, which is made to look like the dining room in her house. Stewart took pictures of the view from her home’s windows and put them in the room so that people “could see how it changes from season to season.”

Martha Stewart and Pete Davidson

In August 2022, the restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas opened. It has room for 194 people and serves food from local farms. Stewart  “toyed with the idea for a long, long time” but

just personally was never really ready to do something so large as this. It really is a lot of stuff to do!

Caesars Entertainment approached her about the concept and

They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.


The team at Caesar’s is just amazing. They’re so, so productive and so creative. I like working with people like that. And this is an opportunity to extend the brand in an area where I’ve always wanted to be but never really did enter,

Stewart continued.