Matthew Lawrence, an American actor who has appeared in popular TV series like “Boy Meets World” and “Melissa & Joey,” recently shared an incredible experience on his podcast, Brotherly Love. The actor spoke about being offered a role in a Marvel production, but under one condition: he had to strip for the director.

Lawrence refused to comply with the director’s request and got fired from his agency. In this article, we delve deeper into Lawrence’s experience and the double standard that exists in Hollywood.

Matthew Lawrence Shares Details About the Incident

During his podcast, Lawrence shared how a prominent Oscar-winning director propositioned him to take off his clothes and take Polaroids off him. The actor was appalled and refused to do it, causing him to lose his agency. Although Lawrence did not mention the name of the director or the exact date when it happened, it’s clear that the experience left him with a sour taste in his mouth.

The Double Standard in Hollywood

Apart from sharing his experience, Lawrence also spoke about the double standard that exists in Hollywood when it comes to sexual harassment. He expressed frustration with how male actors who speak up about sexual harassment are treated compared to female actors. Lawrence pointed out how Terry Crews, who spoke up about being sexually assaulted, was ridiculed and not supported by many people.

“People are laughing at him. People don’t support him. They kick him out. Why? Because he’s a man that represents masculinity, and I think our society is less ready to hear that situation going on with men than they are with women,” Lawrence said.

The actor continued to point out how not many men in Hollywood come out to speak about such incidents, and he believes that the same situation happens to men as well, although it’s probably a third of what women go through.


Matthew Lawrence’s experience highlights the issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood and the double standard that exists when it comes to male actors speaking up about it. Despite the progress made in recent years, it’s clear that there’s still a long way to go to ensure that everyone is treated equally and with respect in the entertainment industry.


Who is Matthew Lawrence?

Matthew Lawrence is an American actor known for his roles in popular television series such as “Boy Meets World” and “Melissa & Joey.”

What happened to Matthew Lawrence?

Matthew Lawrence revealed on his Brotherly Love podcast that he was offered a role in a Marvel production, but only if he agreed to strip for the director. He refused and lost his agency as a result.

Did Matthew Lawrence name the director who made the request?

No, Matthew Lawrence did not name the director or provide any specific details about when the incident occurred.

What double standard did Matthew Lawrence mention during the podcast?

Matthew Lawrence expressed his frustration with the double standard that exists in Hollywood when it comes to male actors and sexual harassment. He stated that society is less ready to hear about these situations happening to men than women.

Source: Deadline