The Sin City movies, directed by Robert Rodriguez, starred Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba. For the part of Sin City, Willis and Alba were supposed to have a passionate kiss. But Willis wasn’t sure about it initially.


Jessica Alba’s thoughts on her on-screen relationship with Bruce Willis in “Sin City”

Bruce Willis Avoided Kissing Jessica Alba in "Sin City"

Alba and Willis both had roles in the 2005 movie Sin City. Alba played Nancy, and Willis played Detective John Hartigan. The movie is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same title. Willis and Alba’s relationship grows as the story proceeds.

Alba was interested in the role at first because she wanted to work with director Robert Rodriguez.

I just tell my agents every month, ‘What’s Robert doing? I want to do something with him.’ And one of my agents has a relationship with Robert and said, ‘You got an opportunity.’ And I was like, ‘Excellent,’

she once said in an interview with Radio Free.

She got the part following an audition for the same and was cast alongside Willis. When Willis’s character met Alba’s, Nancy, who was a child, he would already be an adult. After a certain time, Sin City shows that the characters played by Willis and Alba are getting closer to each other. This made people wonder if Alba was happy with her on-screen relationship with Willis.

Nancy doesn’t think of him as a father,

Alba said about her character.

She thinks of him as her knight in shining armor. So I just came at it from that point. And she just sort of waited till she was old enough to really be in love with him and have that relationship completely. But I think she always looked at him as her soulmate from the beginning. She’s kind of an old soul from when she’s a little child, and so I didn’t think it was creepy at all.


Bruce Willis didn’t wish to kiss Jessica Alba in “Sin City”

Willis was a little nervous at first about kissing Jessica Alba. But Alba didn’t mind how close they were, though, because she was used to kissing multiple of her on-screen partners.

It was easy for me. I’ve done a few kisses in my day,

Alba once said as per Female First.

We had this big romantic kiss, and it was supposed to be like this big, epic, beautiful kiss, like you’re anticipating this thing.

But Willis didn’t agree with Alba, and he tried to think of something better to do than kiss his partner.

We finally get to that scene and Bruce is sitting down and I’m going in for the kiss and he goes, ‘Maybe I get up and walk away and she runs after me.’ He says it to Robert when we were shooting it and Robert was like, ‘What?’ He got nervous – Bruce Willis,

Alba recalled.

Willis’ nervousness around the scene surprised and amused Alba.

It was really cute, ’cause it’s like this man, Die Hard and Moonlighting,

she said.


Jessica Alba wanted to be Bruce Willis at some point.

Alba has spoken out many times about how hard it is for women to work in the movie business compared to men. It was because of this that Alba didn’t see other female actors as her competitors.

I wasn’t competitive with other actresses, I was competitive with male actors,

she said this in an interview with Cosmopolitan (via Metro).

I was like, ‘Why can’t I be the star of an action series? Why can’t I open movies? Why can’t I put as*es on seats?’

Alba would later say that she didn’t want to play roles where she was just the love interest. She wanted to explore beyond that.

I didn’t want to be the women who Bruce Willis was into in Die Hard, I wanted to be Bruce Willis,

she added.