Mayor of Kingstown season 2, episode 10, “Little Green Ant,” is the season’s finale. In this article, we will discuss the events of the episode and explain the ending. Be aware that spoilers are present throughout the piece.

Recap of Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 10

The episode opens with Robert in the hospital after being attacked by Bunny’s men. He is now on life support after the horrific beating. The police force mourns the attack and prepares for an ensuing battle with the Crips. Kyle tells Mike that he needs to leave town, his wife has left him, and he needs to go win her back. Mike realizes he must leave, too, as he’s late for his midnight meeting with Iris.

Mike is ambushed and shot at on his way to the meeting. Mike fights back and kills the attackers, realizing they are from the Aryan Brotherhood and want him dead. After the phone call with Kareem, who doesn’t want to be involved anymore, Mike speaks with Ian, who agrees to help clean up the mess. Mike heads for Bunny’s establishment, threatening Bunny’s life, and on the rooftop, they talk. Bunny orders his men to stand down and leaves him alone with the Mayor.

Mike has missed his appointment with Iris, and she arrives at Mariam’s house and is soon followed by Milo and his goons. Milo wants to make the exchange now, and it becomes clear he is at Mariam’s home. Mike phones Kyle and Ian for backup, and they all race over.

Mariam’s house is destroyed during the shootout, and the mother is shot. Kyle blames himself for accidentally shooting his mother amid the chaos. Mike orders everyone to agree that Milo’s goons attacked her, not Kyle. Ian and Mike need to catch Milo before things escalate even further, and they head straight to Milo’s club to speak with Tatiana.

They finally agree on a final rendezvous point to exchange the bonds for Iris, and Mike orders Carney to fight back in prison. The Crips and the Bloods leaders unite and take on Gunner, stabbing the Aryan.

The Ending Explained

In the episode’s final scenes, Mike and Iris are reunited, and the brothers reconcile. The scene ends with Mike discussing plans to expand his empire with Carney while Kyle decides to leave town and start fresh. Meanwhile, Milo is arrested and faces a lifetime of imprisonment. The ending satisfies the viewer, with the main conflicts resolved and the characters moving on with their lives.

Final thoughts

The Mayor of Kingstown season 2 finale was an action-packed and emotional episode that tied up loose ends while leaving viewers satisfied. The intense showdown between Mike and Milo was a fitting end to the season and left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment of the series.