Megan Fox has had a rough time in Hollywood. After being “stoned and murdered” by the media, the actress retreated from the spotlight for several years. However, a resurgence is underway.

The Megan Fox Renaissance

At 35, Megan Fox is back in the game, relaunching herself to Hollywood with a profile in the current issue of InStyle. In the piece, she speaks about her experiences and how she had to armor herself to deal with the “crazy-heavy price” she paid for doing the right thing.

Resurrecting her career

“It is a little bit like being a phoenix, like being resurrected from the ashes. I was brought out and stoned and murdered at one point. And then suddenly everybody’s like, ‘Wait a second. We shouldn’t have done that. Let’s bring her back.””

Retreat after Jennifer’s Body

After Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox was savaged by critics, leading her to adopt a belief system of only caring for herself. She recalls,

“I had to adopt a belief system that only I was going to take care of myself and be there for myself because I was constantly going to be outcast or rejected.”

Revelations in South Africa

While filming Rogue in South Africa, Fox had a series of revelations.

She recalls, “I took all my crystals, and I set up my little temple inside my room. I turned on this massive TV, and Jonah Hex was on, which got panned in the press. It was supposed to be terrible… I had never even watched it because the other actors told me not to. I mean, I got crucified for that movie, just brutalized in the reviews. But something came over me, and I said, f–k it, I’m going to be brave and watch it.”

She realized the criticism was probably overblown and a product of the culture looking for her to fail.

The Breakthrough

 “I had this incredible breakthrough, and I realized that I had been living in a self-imposed prison for so long because I let other people tell me who I was or what I wasn’t. I hid because I was hurt. That night, I stayed up and promised myself that I would never live one more day of my life from fear. I came home, and my whole life changed. I got a divorce and I started working more and doing more things. I ended up meeting Colson, and then literally everything exploded from there.”

MGK and the press

Megan Fox has been seen with her boyfriend, Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, on various red carpets. She has been asked, “Where are your kids?” whenever she’s seen out.

She said, “they have another parent. I have to leave and sometimes I don’t want them photographed and they don’t come with me. This whole year I’ve been very surprised by how archaic some of the mindsets still are in some people.”

Age gap and patriarchy

She is 35, and Baker is 31. Fox thinks it’s ridiculous how people react as if she’s dating a younger man.

She points out “he’s 31, and I’m 35. Granted, he’s lived like he’s 19 his whole life, but he isn’t 19. No one would blink twice if George Clooney was dating someone four years younger. Four years? Go f–k yourself. We would have been in high school together. That’s so ridiculous that women are treated that way.”

Hopes for the Future

Fox has big hopes for her future in Hollywood.

She said, “I should probably start manifesting. I won’t lie, I do want to find a Marvel or a DC character that I’ve always wanted to play, and do one of those. People hate on you as an actor for that because it doesn’t get you the big awards. I don’t give a f–k. Give me an MTV award. I don’t need a f–king BAFTA.”


Q: How long did Megan Fox stay away from Hollywood?

A: Megan Fox essentially stepped away from Hollywood (off-and-on) for about eight or nine years.

Q: How did Megan Fox feel about her career resurrection?

A: Megan Fox described her career resurrection as a little bit like being a phoenix and resurrected from the ashes.

Q: Why did Megan Fox retreat after critics savaged Jennifer’s Body?

A: Megan Fox had to adopt a belief that only she would care for herself and be there for herself because she would constantly be an outcast or rejected.

Q: Who is Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly?

A: Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly, is Megan Fox’s current partner.

Q: What does Megan Fox hope for her career?

A: Megan Fox hopes to find a Marvel or a DC character that she’s always wanted to play and win an MTV award.

Q: What is the age gap between Megan Fox and Colson Baker?

A: Megan Fox is 35, and Colson Baker is 31, making it a 4-year age gap.

Q: What has been Megan Fox’s experience with societal mindsets regarding women and motherhood?

A: Megan Fox has been surprised by how archaic some people’s mindsets still are about women and motherhood. She has been asked, “Where are your kids?” every time she’s seen on a red carpet or with her partner, whereas the same question is not asked of men in similar situations.

Source: Celebitchy