There are men who are proud of their gorgeous flowing long and shiny hair. Men who do not have the privilege to grow the hair, can definitely fell envy of the images that you’ll be seeing when you scroll down. The subreddit ‘Fierce Flow‘ celebrates men having long hair. Nearly 60K followers, this is proudly celebrated subreddit.

#1 I Struggled With Having Grays At A Young Age.i Became Embarrassed Because Classmates Would Point At Them,so I Started Dying My Hair Black. 3 Years Ago I Decided To Stop Using Dye And Let My Hair Grow. I Wanted To Embrace My Grays And Encourage Others To Do The Same. It’s Ok To Have Grays At Any Age

#2 Shaved My Head 2.5 Years Ago And I Haven’t Cut It Since!

#3 I’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight, A Lot Of Sadness, And A Little Facial Hair. I’ve Gained A Whole New Appreciation For Life. Remember To Always Love Yourself

Giuliano Dore, the co-founder of ‘Get Groomed,’ and his team explained to Hiptoro how to keep long hair healthy and the best way for men to take care of it.

“We have a number of male customers with longer hair who are looking for advice from us about how to keep their hair healthy,” Giuliano said. According to ‘Get Groomed’s’ barbers, cutting the ends of your hair just a tad from time to time keeps your hair healthy.

“There is no shame in taking care of your hair with different oils like argan oil, castor oil, etc. do not over-wash your hair, use hair bands that don’t pull at the root,” the ‘Get Groomed’ team shared.

#4 Delivery At Your Doorstep Flow

#5 Flow Bro

#6 Finally At The Length I’ve Wanted Since Forever. Also Makes For Great Insulation On Colder Days

Unfortunately, few men are of this opinion that taking care of long hair is not very masculine. “While most women know the tips and have been maintaining long hair for a long time, men do not necessarily talk about hair maintenance. They just don’t know and some men still believe that hair maintenance is not ‘manly’ and suffer from hair loss. This self-harm needs to stop!”

#7 I Can’t Wait Until Quarantine Is Over So I Can Show Off The New Length On My Curls

#8 My Great Grandpa And I

#9 I Started Growing 7 Years Ago When My Son Was Born. From Getting A Military Cut Every Week To Finally Looking Like A Real Native Again. It’s Been A Journey To Say The Least

#10 1 Year And 5 Months! It Was Worth The Wait

#11 Lovely Weekend To All!! Keep Smiling

#12 3 Years Of Hair Growth

#13 I Guess You Could Call This “Ragnarok.” 10 Years And 3 Donations. So Long Old Friend, It Was A Good Run. Thanks For All The Girls You Got Me. Time To Go Assemble Stormbreaker And Kick Thanos’ Ass

#14 Rock That Hair!!! Wishing Everyone An Awesome Weekend!

#15 My Hair Decided To Have A Massive Growth Spurt These Past Few Months

#16 Male ‘Rapunzel’ With Hair More Than Two Foot In Length

#17 I Didn’t Think That Having Long Hair Would Make Me Look So Much Different!

#18 Screaming To The Icelandic Mountain Gods This Time!

#19 The Bigger The Hair

#20 Tgif! I’m A Proud Queer Person

#21 Someone Suggested I Post Here

#23 Flow

#24 The Flow Seemed Extra Fierce Today, Thought I’d Share. No, I Never Wear A Shirt

#25 Proud To Be A Part Of This Supportive Community

#26 Some Pacific Curls

#27 Haven’t Seen Any Dreads On Here Do You Guys Approve?

#28 Bellatrix Lestrange Looking Ass

#29 5 Years Strong!

#30 Longhair Boyfriends Roadtripping!

#31 Hello Hello! Another Update. Hope You’re All Well

#32 Comb My Hair, They Said. It’ll Be Fun, They Said!

#33 More Fierce Than Flow

#34 Look, Everyone Else Was Posting Shirtless Selfies And My 40yr-Old Ass Just Wanted To Fit In

#35 This Is About 2 Years. Don’t Know If I’ll Ever Cut It