Millie Bobby Brown, the talented actress with worldwide recognition for her impressive performances in “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes,” has found herself amid controversy. Recently, an intimacy coordinator named Jessica Steinrock accused Brown of engaging in non-consensual actions while filming “Enola Holmes 2.”

The Scene

In the scene that has caused controversy, Brown’s character, Enola, teaches Lord Tewkesbury, portrayed by Louis Partridge, how to dance. Later on, Enola teaches Tewkesbury how to fight, and after punching him several times, she pulls him in and kisses him on the lips. According to Brown, she took charge during the rehearsal of the kissing scene, and Partridge had to ask her to stop punching him during the fight scene.

The Response

After the video release in which Brown excitedly described the scene, intimacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock expressed her disappointment in Brown’s actions. Steinrock posted a response video on her TikTok page, highlighting the importance of consent in such situations.

She pointed out that “surprising someone during an intimate or fight scene is not acceptable and communication is vital.”

Steinbock also stated that Brown had more power as a famous actress and that consent is mandatory in such situations.

Intimacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock emphasized the significance of consent in intimate scenes and explained that actors should be able to act surprised without being surprised.

She also reiterated that “her job as an intimacy coordinator is to ensure that there are no surprises during filming.”

Steinrock emphasized that small things like non-consensual kissing and punching can escalate over time and be dangerous.

In conclusion, the accusations against Millie Bobby Brown have raised significant concerns about the need for proper communication and consent during intimate and fight scenes in the entertainment industry. Actors must understand that such actions require prior consent and communication to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved. We hope this incident will serve as a lesson to all involved in the entertainment industry, promoting a safer and more respectful work environment.


What is an intimacy coordinator?

An intimacy coordinator is a professional specializing in choreographing and coordinating intimate scenes and nudity in movies and TV shows. They work with actors and directors to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the location and that there is clear communication and consent.

What is the importance of consent in intimate scenes?

Consent is mandatory in intimate scenes to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe. Without permission, surprises can be dangerous, and little things can escalate over time. Intimacy coordinators work to ensure clear communication and that everyone is comfortable with the scene.

Source: BuzzfeedNews