Fans were surprised when two MMA fighters kissed during what is usually supposed to be a very “aggressive” pre-fight face-off.

Face-offs are usually scary because the people who are about to fight, try to get into their opponent’s head and make them afraid.

When someone makes a sudden move and a fight starts before the fighters even get to the ring or cage, these talks can sometimes get pretty heated.

This time, though, it was less aggressive and more passionate, as the two fighters shared a quick kiss and a laugh.

Karina Pedro and Denisa Ryndova stood right next to each other as their teammates Inked Dory and Kristal Shine took part in the usual face-off.

While on stage in Prague, the fighters put their heads together, and Denisa kissed Karina. Luckily for Denisa, Karina felt the same way and grabbed her opponent’s face and kissed her on the cheek.

Denisa shared a clip of the show of affection on her Instagram page, calling it “my favorite moment of this whole crazy journey.”

Even though Denisa was having a good time, she lost the fight. Karina and Inked Dory, on the other hand, won.

Karina, who is a model for OnlyFans, also posted the video to her Instagram because the kiss seemed to have had a lasting effect on both of them.

The model also posted pictures of the fight, which she called “a very powerful moment” and in which she seemed very happy to have won.

I have very strong emotions since yesterday. Winning is a great satisfaction for me! We put everything into the preparations and the match itself,

Karina began.

A person who has never faced his opponent in the ring can hardly imagine how difficult it is. A very powerful moment! We left our hearts in there.

People who liked the model rushed to the comments to say what they thought about the fight. One person wrote:

Beautiful fight Karin, you are in great shape, you were unstoppable, congratulations.

Many people asked, in reference to the pre-match kiss, why we don’t see more of this before two fighters try to beat each other up. One person added:

That’s sportsmanship right there.

Before they tried to beat each other up, they showed a lot of love. Are we going to see more of this before fights?