If it wasn’t for the anonymity of the internet, some people would be caught up in the flaming fury of consequence for the thoughts they post online.

There is a post on Sanctimommy’s Facebook page that is pushing the wrong buttons. Hot opinions and nostrils are flaring over these words, but no one is sure who wrote them.


Show of hands for those of you who go through the morning drop-off line. I’ll wait. You?Ok. You too over there, huh? Throw on some sweats or a long coat before you jump into the car.

Everyone else is headed to work or home from the night shift so it is possible that your outside appearance looks amazing. We see you! It could be a roll of the dice if you work from home.

A person described herself as a teacher with rat’s nest hair. Ha! Who can relate to that? There is a larger debate about women shooting other women. Most of the time, mamas, aunts, and grandmas stay in the car for the drop-off and pickup ritual.

This lady has a lot of nerve. You don’t know what’s behind the baggy eyes and tousled hair strands. Someone is taking care of a loved one. Maybe that person is sick. Maybe it was a rough night and morning.

I wonder if this mom and others like her are the ones who are slowing down the queue because they are so busy looking at everyone else.

This woman is teaching her daughter to join in on the haughtiness. She drops a line about what the husband is thinking.

Everyone is hoping that Scary Mommy writer Valerie Williams doesn’t pass the shallowness down to her 7-year-old when she calls out the anonymous poster.

Williams points out that women in the line who are dressed nicely in the morning should also be treated well. Everyone can be themselves and on their own time.

You may feel bad for this lady if you read it again. She may have an inner dialogue with herself but it is being projected on the public. Like in Mean Girls. If you know who she is, wave, smile, and maybe greet her with a hug because she is afraid of the morning breath. You have to laugh at the absurdity.

Spending time in the school queue isn’t your whole day, so we don’t see anything wrong with dressing up or dressing down as you please. This is not to shred others for how they look. Being kind is easier than being mean.

What do you think about this post? Do you like the looks of the drop-off line? Why not?