MrBeast is getting bad press because he gave a waitress a brand new car as a tip.

The real name of MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is an American YouTuber and philanthropist.

People say that he started a type of videos on the platform that are all about doing expensive stunts.

At the time of writing, the content creator has 139 million subscribers, which is a huge number.

MrBeast also has videos on TikTok, and one of his most recent ones has gotten a lot of negative feedback.

During the clip in question, the YouTuber goes with a cameraman into a nondescript restaurant.

He asks his server, whose name is Amy, what the biggest tip she’s ever gotten was. She said,

Like $50.

MrBeast replies, asking:

Has anyone ever tipped a car?

The YouTuber then gives her the keys to a black Toyota Corolla that is parked outside, which surprises her.

MrBeast gifts waitress a new car

The logo for his chocolate company, Feastables, is all over the car. While the logo for the vlogger’s YouTube channel is on the hood.

Mr. Beast’s chocolate bar is also in the car, sitting in the cupholder.

I was literally late to work today because the Uber was slow,

Amy tells the YouTuber in the clip.

I’m in such shock right now. I don’t even know how to drive.

The controversial post is captioned:

Amy’s been getting to work without a car for months, thanks to you we changed that :-).

Since it was posted, the video has been watched 61.9 million times, and thousands of people have left comments.

People are saying that it’s great that the server got a brand-new car, but they’re not impressed by the fact that it’s covered in MrBeast ads.

Bro MrBeast, ain’t nobody driving no Feastable car,

one viewer comments.

Another person jokes:

‘Aw thanks’… straight to the paint shop.

While a third says:

Bro gave someone a car that markets and advertises his bars and made a video out of it.


First order of business… remove the wrap,

comments another viewer.


But some people are going to the comments to praise MrBeast for being “selfless.”

One person says:

All that matter is she likes it. She got it for free and honestly, that’s kind of a cool story to tell despite the logos.


The selflessness is REAL,

another adds.

Thank you for doing this for so many.

Somebody else comments:

This guy just out here putting faith in humanity.


Man, gotta keep him protected at all costs,

a fourth says.

This dude is amazing.