Boku no Hero Academia is super popular among its fans. It is coming out with its next installment soon, My Hero Academia Chapter 385!

Release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 385

The next chapter of My Hero Academia will release on 26 March 2023. Fans are really eager and waiting patiently for all the action in the upcoming chapter.

Here are the release timings of My Hero Academia Chapter 385 in different time zones all around the world!

My Hero Academia Chapter 385
The next chapter will release on 26 March 2023.
  • Pacific Time at 7 AM
  • Central Time at 9 AM
  • Eastern Time at 10 AM
  • British Time at 3 PM
  • European Time at 4 PM
  • India Time at 8.30 PM

Where can you read My Hero Academia Chapter 385?

My Hero Academia is available on the official website of Viz Media.

What to expect in My Hero Academia Chapter 385?

In the upcoming chapter of the manga, the main focus will be on All For One. The chances of survival of All For One are getting lesser and lesser by each minute. The viewers are anticipating a last-ditch effort by All For One to win or escape. His ultimate goal might be to Shigaraki, and fans might also witness to steal a quirk, maybe Hawks’ fiery wings. This might help him to escape while flying away.

There are rumors that All For One already has Hawks’ wings. We will only get to know this in the upcoming chapter. Dark Shadow is no longer a threat and All For One has all the reason to pursue the quirk in order to survive. If All For One manages to escape, the focus will shift to the showdown between Shigaraki and Deku.

The stakes will rise if Deku receives word of the impending arrival of All For One. This will definitely set the stage for a thrilling battle with the heroes and villains fighting for their lives.