The ending arc of My Hero Academia is getting more and more intense. My Hero Academia Chapter 386 is no exception. Fans are very eager to know what happens when spoilers are leaked online.

Read on to know more about the detailed spoilers. The new chapter is set to be released on April 24th, 2023 Monday. Full release schedule here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 386 release date
All might will make a comeback in this chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 386 spoilers and full summary

The police officials announce that numerous blocks have resumed movement at the beginning of the chapter and that All For One was recently passing through the city of Idou. Another cop responds to Tsukauchi’s inquiry about whether anyone can still engage in combat by saying that while they have requested support from multiple people, everyone else is occupied. When another officer feels the heat from Dabi’s flames in Gunga, he jumps out of his chair and yells. Tsukauchi asks whether Endeavour has been defeated and tells him to explain. The officer claims that he hasn’t, but their analysis reveals that Dabi is going to blow up.

He had been focusing the heat into his own body ever since he stood up to carry on the fight. If he keeps acting like this, he will only live for about 10 more minutes, at which point all of that energy will be released, destroying his body and setting off a heat explosion that will cover a 5-kilometer radius.

All For One is reaching Deku and a mysterious voice is heard. 

La Brava cautions Tsukauchi that some of the civilians are under Dabi’s bomb radius. He also expresses his distress that some underground shelters are now closer to Gunga. The Todoroki family’s apartment block begins to collapse as we watch, and Gunhead orders them to use the emergency exit. All For One is getting faster and is now close enough to utilize his goo teleport trick, warns another cop.

Tsukauchi requests backup once more, but it is confirmed by someone else that no heroes will show up in time. His name is then called over the communicator by a voice. Iida asks Shoto how exhausted he is from using Phosphor in Kamino, but he replies that he’s alright. He can’t stop while there’s a chance that All For One will find Deku, but Iida claims that the entire Dabi scenario must be messing with his head right now.

Iida is shocked that someone as good as his friend—who led him back to the right path—has to deal with all this, to which Shoto responds that he must carry out his duty. They both appear to be in tears. It finally connected! a voice on the communicator exclaims at that point. All Might’s voice is heard. He is relieved to learn that both of them are unharmed and announces that he will be brief because he is short on time: they need to travel to Gunga as soon as possible. The evacuating blocks are no longer moving, and Dabi will blow up soon.

All might ask Iida to run and help the evacuation effort, while Endeavor fights Dabi. He then gives a short speech to Shoto.

Iida and Shoto help the evacuation effort

Shoto is the only one who truly understands the difference between the body and the mind because of everything he has experienced. Shoto claims he would prefer to go cease All For One, but All Might reassure him that it won’t matter. He needs to stop Toya and comfort everyone right away. Shoto’s, Half-Cold and Half-Hot are the two peculiarities, that alone can save Gunga. Iida’s engines have overheated, so Shoto is unsure if that is even conceivable, but Iida claims the rain dropped the temperature.

He and Shoto are going to help lost youngsters by using his legs that were meant for this purpose. Shouto sits on Iida’s back, and he is instructed to hang on tightly. They are giving everything they have for the sake of others, Stain observes to himself. The next scene shows the two of them flying through the air and using all of Iida’s power to crash into buildings.


The narrator then states that Hawks’ assessment indicated that young All For One is more vicious and strong. Then, as All For One flies closer, we see Hawks holding Tokoyami tight, Tsukauchi screaming “idiot!”.  All Might come out of his car while stating that this fight has always been his. All Might remarks that this reminds him of their past fights and wonders if Shigaraki is to reason for all of this newly discovered animosity. All Might smiles as he recalls Deku asking if he could still be a hero without a quirk when Tsukauchi orders him to escape since he lacks a quirk.

All for One is seen grinning on the final double page as All Might’s briefcase and car begin to separate, forming a robotic armguard around his arm. He declares that he is unable to disregard the villain in front of him and shouts the famous phrase, “I AM HERE!” The chapter finishes here.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 386 online?

The manga can be read either via Shueisha’s Manga Plus app or through Viz Media. While the former is a paid subscription, the latter doesn’t require any subscription or payment to read the first three or the last three chapters. If you’re only looking to read My Hero Academia Chapter 386 online, then Viz Media is most likely going to be the most convenient option for you.