My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers were leaked online. This chapter, much to the fan’s disappointment, isn’t about the fight between All Might and All For One but focuses on the Todoroki family.

Read on to find out more about the spoilers.

Boku no hero academia Chapter 387 spoilers, Todoroki family My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers
Who is going to save Dabi from his self-destruction?

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers: a brief history of the Himura Family.

The raw scans for Chapter 387 were leaked online and the final panels left the fans in utter shock. Although the focus was shifted from All Might vs All For One, fans were instead given another phenomenal chapter involving the Todoroki family.

The chapter begins with Geten and Mr. Compress having a talk in prison. Geten tells him about the Himura family’s blood and their legacy. He says that they all belong to many different lineages that are very rich and prideful. This is the family that Rei Todoroki, the parent of Touya, Natsuo, Fuyumi, and Shoto, is from.

As the age of Quirks began getting more advanced, the family started losing their prestige. The family wanted to keep their blood pure and as a result, started marrying distant relatives. This almost led the family to go extinct. As a result, the main branch family members were sold into arranged marriages.

This is how Rie married Endeavor whose real name is Enji Todoroki. Geten then reveals that he was lost but Redestro found him and raised him but he belongs to the Himura family. He then tells that many of the Himura family members are not aware of how their quirks work as they advance and are not fully aware of their potential.

A fight between father and son.

My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers then shift to the fight between Endeavor and Dabi. They are 800 meters away from Gunga. Endeavor leans about the impending explosion of Dabi. He realizes that many civilians and Heroes who are fighting Toga’s twice clones are also in range of the blast. Endeavor is exhausted and tired from fighting All For One and losing an arm in the process which puts him at a disadvantage.

Dabi flies over to Endeavor and shouts, “Look at me, Dad.” Endeavor sees this as a young Toya saying the same thing while smiling because of this, he cannot dodge the huge flaming punch from Dabi. After this, massive pillars of flame start breaking from the ground, and Endeavor asks Daabi to put them out.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers release date
Dabi and Endeavor fight it off to death.

However, Dabi is so out of it that he starts saying childish phrases like “Look at me” and “Play with me Natsu”. Then Endeavor realizes that Dabi cannot think on his own at the moment and thinks about how he is alive despite the temperature of his fire.

Dabi has new powers in My hero academia chapter 387 spoilers

Endeavor then extends his hand toward Dabi’s chest. He starts to think about how there are two kinds of near-death phenomena. First is when an already existing ability is awakened, such as when Bakugo wakened his during the Paranormal Liberation War. The second is when a completely new type of ability is awakened, such as what is happening to Dabi right now.

Then we see ice coming out of Dabi’s chest, which, unknown to him, he is making himself. This means he has also inherited his mother’s quirk as well. This means he is just like Shoto now with Half-Cold Half-Hot abilities.

An unexpected savior

In My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers, Endeavor, after seeing this new ability of Dabi, comes to think that everything that happened to his family is his fault. While he wants to live and pay for his wrongdoings, he realizes that Touya will not stop killing others in order to seek revenge on his father.

Endeavour then takes this as the result of failing to take proper care of his son and then thinks of sacrificing himself for his son. He holds Dabi tight in a hug and taking advantage of Dabi’s flames flies as high as possible. Too much heat causes him to lose consciousness, but then, much to our shock, Rei Todoroki appears and uses her ice to quell Dabi’s flames.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers end here, leaving many fans wondering how things will turn out next.

My Hero Academia chapter 387 release date and where to read

The chapter is expected to be released on May 8th, 2023. The Full schedule is here. You can read the Full manga for free on Shueisha’s official mobile app for their mangas called Manga Plus. It is also available to read on Viz Media’s official website but only the first and latest three chapters are free.