Narcos Mexico Season 2 is going to be on Netflix and it will take the story of the drug cartel drama forward.

Narcos Mexico was actually going to be the fourth season of Narcos, featuring the rise of the drug cartel in Guadalajara. But, Netflix decided it to develop the series a separate one.

Narcos mexico season 2 netflix

When will Narcos Mexico Season 2 stream on Netflix?

Netflix has not announced any official date as of  now. But, we can expect it to be available on Netflix sometime in 2019.

What is Narcos Mexico about? What happened in the season one finale?

The series shows the establishment of Mexican drugs cartel with real life drug lord, Felix Gallardo, who is a former Sinaloan police officer. And Kiki Camarena, an American-Mexican DEA agent who has to take Felix down. The first season of Narcos Mexico featured the cold war between these two mean. And ultimately it led to the murder of Kiki Camarena. His death served as a trigger to the drug wars.

The finale of Narcos Mexico Season 1 also revealed the the show narrator’s identity. It was Scoot McNairy as Agent Walt Breslin. He was in charge of Operation Layenda, a task force whose aim was to punish the ones who killed Kiki. And this arc will be the focus of Narcos Mexico Season 2. At the end of the episode, Breslin said, “We knew we were in a war.” And pretty soon, they were going to know that are in one too.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Cast

Narcos mexico season 2 netflix

Scoot McNairy is going to come forward as DEA Agent Walt Breslin. Diego Luna will continue his role as Felix Gallardo. Teresa Ruiz is going to play the role of Felix’s girlfriend, Isabella Bautista. Also, Alejandro Edda is going to play Felix’s protege, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman who will become the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. Tenoch Huerta will play the role of Rafael Cara Quintero.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer has not been released yet. But, an announcement about the confirmation of Narcos Mexico Season 2 has been released.