Anime has come a long way, but it still has a lot to do in the field of live-action adaptations. Currently, the interest of fans in Naruto live-action anime is growing considerably. Whenever anime has moved beyond conventional boundaries, it has garnered enough applause.

Recently, a YouTuber named Diego Woods created a live-action adaptation of Kakashi Hatake, the beloved character from the Naruto series. Woods has a subscriber count of around 60k and has posted some amazing live-action anime adaptations. But the latest video has cracked the success code and made him viral. So what did he do exactly?

Will Kakashi show up again in Boruto?
Will Kakashi show up again in Boruto?

Kakashi Hatake Appears In This Viral Naruto Live-Action Short

Kakashi Hatake happens to be a prominent character in the Naruto franchise. He has good experience dealing with combat and Jutsus. He even has his own team called Team Kakashi. We also see Kakashi Hatake appearing in the Baruto series as well. Hatake has the capability to utilise many Jutsu techniques.

Coming back to Woods’s video, it is at the 4:00 mark when we see Kakashi making an appearance. The focus shifts to the time period when he was a young adult, much before he became the leader of Team 7. Kakashi is shown smacking several foes and looks heroic as always. The ending shows a brilliant clip of the Team 7 leader using his Sharingan.

Why Naruto Live Action Movie/Series Isn’t Easy To Make?

The video isn’t too long, but it shows us that the makers of the anime can consider doing it in live-action. The way Woods has used CGI and special effects makes the adaptation seem quite lively.

Many fans have pondered the same question time and again. The problem is that it’s tough to tackle the action sequences while adapting to live action. Ardent fans know well that this anime has some incredible jutsus. This Jutsu works quite well when animated. But converting them into live action can be tough. And there’s the risk of losing the originality and beauty of the Jutsu movements. Woods’s short video does hint that it can be done through amalgamating CGI and special effects.

Currently, Hollywood has plans to adapt this series into a live-action anime. But it was long back when we heard that Lionsgate plan to achieve this task. After that, no update has been heard which has left fans craving to see their beloved Naruto in live-action.

Check out this viral video below: