Carmelo Anthony is still not on any NBA team and it is just one month before the offseason games start. There are reports about a lot of teams showing interested in the former Rockets star but nothing concrete has happened. Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are linked with Melo for a long time and yet there is no deal confirmation.

Brooklyn Nets can be the next destination for Anthony given how things have been working out so far. Melo was seen working out with the Nets team members and also Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are pushing for a deal. Even though Melo coming to Nets will be a media nightmare, his deal with Brooklyn team is almost confirmed.

Support by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Support by Durant and Irving

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony are good friends from a long time on and off the basketball court. The three stars were part of the 2016 USA basketball team and won the world cup for the team. They share an incredible bond and have always supported each other in every stage of life.

As per the reports, Durant and Irving are pushing the Brooklyn club to sign a deal with Anthony. It makes a lot of sense as Durant won’t be available for a year and recovering from his injury will take some time. Melo can become the replacement of Kevin Durant and the Nets already need that badly.

Melo has high Potential

Melo is Still Worth It

Even though most of the NBA teams are avoiding Carmelo Anthony for some reasons, he is still one of the best player available. Melo has a lot of experience with an All-Star appearance in double digits. Anthony is 35 years old and has gotten slow, but still have a perfect aim. He can make up in three-point shooting what he will miss in running and dunking.

The fact is Melo has a lot of juice remaining and the Nets should be smart enough to utilize him. Carmelo can put the ball in the basket and it is the only thing that matters in the NBA. It would be great if Melo spends his last few years in New York and retires on a high note.