Carmelo Anthony has somehow become the most controversial names in the NBA since the last few months. Melo had a bad-boy image for a long time and he thought to move on from New York Knicks in 2017 will change things for good. Nothing of that sort happened and even the Houston Rockets moved him out of their team in the middle of last season.

Anthony is not able to get any new deals and it is almost a year that the 10 times All-Star is still a free agent. While Melo keeps on saying that NBA teams have conspired against him and have blackballed him, there is another side to the whole issue. Apparently, Carmelo is a team breaker with a bad attitude and hence none of the NBA teams want to offer him any kind of deals.

Problems with Thunder and Rockets

NBA Carmelo Anthony Deal Problems with Rockets and Thunder

Melo has been moving from team to team since the last few years and every it has ended badly. Oklahoma City Thunder signed Anthony in 2017 and despite having good numbers, he could not adjust with the team. Paul George and Russel Westbrook were the power duo of the team with which Melo could not make any adjustments.

Carmelo was then traded to the team of Houston Rockets on a veteran’s minimum contract which further made things worse. James Harden and Chris Paul started having disputes with each other ever since Melo entered the Rockets side. It got so intense that Melo was traded to the team of Chicago Bulls who waved him off without playing a single match with him.

Melo’s Camp is trying to Repair the Damage

Melo Camp are trying Hard

Carmelo Anthony has realized his mistake and his camp is trying their best to repair the damage done through all these years. It is not just about his performance on the court, they are trying to convince the NBA clubs that Melo will behave better off the court too.

The story is being spun in such a way that Melo was the scapegoat and the teams of Knicks, Thunder and Rockets were the real culprits. It is no doubt that Anthony is still a great contributor on the basketball court but he has to improve his behavior if he wants a deal from the NBA teams.