Kevin Durant’s deal as a free agent is getting interesting day by day. While earlier it was almost fixed that Durant will go to the New York Knicks, now the scenario is changed again. As per the latest reports, the Golden State Warriors star is planning to join the Brooklyn Nets instead.

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It is common knowledge that the Nets may be one of the new homes for Durant, but having the first priority is a bit shocking to everyone. Most of the free agency plans of Kevin Durant were changed after his injury of ruptured Achilles tendon. Here are the possible reasons why the Nets are now in the front race for Durant.

Health issues at the Warriors

Kevin Durant Inured Nets Knicks NBA trade rumour

One of the main reasons why Kevin Durant doesn’t want to go back to the Warriors despite a better deal is his injury. As per insider sources, Durant is angry over how the Warriors team management is treating his injury. The Warriors don’t want him to go out much and meet other teams, hence the improper treatment.

It is not just that, Kevin Durant is also angry about the fifth final match against the Raptors. Before the match, Durant had a right calf injury, yet to win the game, he was cleared. It is one of the main reason why Durant’s Achilles tendon was ruptured. Kevin Durant feels kind of cheated and mislead about his calf strain. Hence he won’t go back to the Warriors.

The Kyrie Irving Connection

Kyrie Irving connection Nets Knicks NBA trade rumour

Now that the Golden State Warriors is out of the equation, it leaves us with the Knicks and Nets. While the earlier speculations put the New York Knicks as Durant’s favorite team, the latest news disagrees with that. Kyrie Irving has made up his mind to leave Boston Celtics and join the Brooklyn Nets.

The fact is that Irving has no plans to be an alone star in an average team, that’s why he’s trying hard to get Kevin Durant into the Nets. A reverse case is also possible, but the Knicks won’t have enough money left to get Irving in their team. So the most plausible thing that can happen is Kevin Durant joins the Brooklyn Nets as a free agent.