Kyrie Irving was the first player to declare his future team even before the free agency started. He stayed true to his words and joined the Brooklyn Nets team on the first day of the deal. Not just that, he also managed to convince Kevin Durant to join the Nets and play together with him. While the deals had been a week ago, they were not considered official till now.

As on Sunday, July 7, the deal of Irving leaving the Boston Celtics for the Nets is made official. Fans of the Nets are very excited as they consider Kyrie Irving better than Kevin Durant. Here is what the Brooklyn Nets team have to say and how does it affect their future NBA seasons.

Brooklyn Nets team is Excited

The official handle of Brooklyn Nets on Twitter has shared the news of deal being done finally. Kyrie Irving, the six-time NBA All-Star has been welcomed to the team of Brooklyn. The general manager of the Nets is very happy with the deal and said that it will be an outstanding addition to their team.

The fans and the entire staff of the Brooklyn Nets team is excited to have Irving play for them. Irving has an amazing record of 22.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 1.3 steals over a total of 508 games played. He is a talented point guard and the Nets want Irving to continue playing for them in the upcoming years.

Contenders for NBA 2020 Finals

Contenders for NBA 2020

The Brooklyn Nets were once nothing, but with the addition of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, everything is changed. The top contender for the next NBA finals like LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers New York Knicks, etc. now sees Brooklyn Nets as their equal.

Once Durant is recovered from his injury and makes a strong comeback, he and Irving will be unstoppable. The power duo of Kevin and Kyrie have the potential to win the NBA 2020 title for the Nets team.