Jaylen Brown’s Chicago Bulls NBA trade speculations have been sparked after his recent comment on his future with Boston Celtics. The general managers and executives of the Boston Celtics are keeping an eye on the situation.

Brown is one of the unrestricted free agents in the 2024 summer, and he has the option to decide whether he wants to go with Boston Celtics or Chicago Bulls.

NBA Rumors Chicago Bulls Jaylen Brown Trade Deal
Star player in his iconic look.

If Jaylen decides to stay with Boston, he could sign a 4-year superman extension with the Celtics this summer. However, if he is looking for other options, then Chicago Bulls is the one option that he might be looking for.

While Jaylen Brown is being monitored by both NBA teams, Boston Celtics and Chicago bulls, everyone is predicting that he might choose to go with Chicago Bulls since he is a suitor for 2-time All-Star.

Why Jaylen Brown is on The Bulls Radar?

In a recent news report, GM discussed The Bull’s issue with Sean Deveney. He stated that “the Bulls are seeking alternatives. We may, however, have to wait.”

He also stated, “players are looking into the previous club they were in, but they may want to be more protective because they have much to gain in 2024.”

Chicago Bulls Could Get an Edge with Jaylen Brown

If the Chicago Bulls succeed in landing Jaylen Brown on their team in 2024, they can have an edge as Brown can duo with LaVine to easily rival other pairs in the East.

NBA Rumors- Why Chicago Bulls Want

Not only will Jaylen Brown trade deal give an edge to Chicago Bulls with his playoff experience, but he can also offer good scoring and defense along with versatility on the wing.

Jaylen was in the Eastern Conference finals a total of 3 times and the first NBA finals last year, which is a huge deal.

In comparison, Chicago Bulls were only into the playoff in 2015, the last time they won an NBA playoff series.