D’Angelo Russell has achieved great heights even in a short span of his career and will play for the Warriors next. It is the third time Russell had to change his team as previously moved from Lakers to Brooklyn Nets and now is finally in the Golden State Warriors. During the free agency, the Nets made a deal with Kyrie Irving and replaced Russell at point guard.

As Kevin Durant also joined Nets with Irving, Russell started to search for a new team. Hence, he went with the Warriors as they had a huge opening and signed a max deal. Despite the reports of Russell to be traded out soon as an asset, he is confident that the Warriors can fit him in their roster and he won’t leave them anytime soon.

Thompson and Curry on Russell

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While many NBA experts are saying that D’Angelo Russel fits in the Warriors team, coach Steve Kerr has dispersed all such rumors. It has been said that the playing style of Russell and Curry are similar and he can’t fit in the Dubs team.

Klay Thompson has called Russell as a budding superstar and will be happy to play alongside him. At the same time, there were several photos and videos of Stephen Curry and Russel hanging out and training together. The Warriors side is fully confident in him and will find a way to fit D-law in their team.

Russell on his Future with Warriors

Russell on his Future

D’Angelo Russell has himself clarified in an interview that there are no problems with Warriors and he look forward to playing there. He agrees that the NBA summer was crazy and full of surprises, but whatever happened will turn out good. Here is what Russell has to say on his future with the Warriors and their team dynamics.

I’m sure it works out pretty well as we all are good basketball players. I think that’s the best part of starting fresh with a new group and those guys will figure out a way. They have more than enough coaching who can handle the situation and they must be working on it. There are enough players in the team to handle everything and I’m excited to play with the Warriors.