Jalen Green Trade rumors surfaced on Friday, indicating that the Houston Rockets may be open to trading him this offseason. The Rockets picked Green as the second overall pick in 2021, but they now seem eager to make a Jalen Green Trade to improve their playoff chances.

If Jalen Green becomes available, here are three teams that may be interested.

NBA Rumors: 3 Potential Jalen Green Trade Destinations for Next Season if Houston Rockets trade him
Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets shakes hands with fans after the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Moda Center on March 26, 2022. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

3 Teams that would look to do a Jalen Green Trade with Houston Rockets

1) Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets might consider trading for Jalen Green as they undergo a re-tool, having traded away Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Mikal Bridges has improved for Brooklyn Nets but needs a high-scoring running mate. This could make Jalen Green an interesting trade target. He averaged over 22 points per game in 76 games for the Rockets this year.

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Jets could benefit from a Jalen Green Trade.

The Nets have a multitude of assets at their disposal this off-season, which could be put to use to acquire Green. The young guard’s potential, combined with his high-scoring ability, might be too good to pass up. Brooklyn is aiming to compete for championships, and Green could potentially fit right in with their win-now mentality. Moreover, the Nets have demonstrated that they are willing to take risks and make bold moves in order to get to the top.

2) Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have been consistent playoff contenders in recent years, but have struggled to get over the hump in the Western Conference. Green could be a key piece to help push them into championship contention.

Utah’s success this season has been surprising, especially after trading away key players like Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. But with a solid core of talent on their roster, adding Jalen Green to their backcourt could help the Jazz make a strong push toward the playoffs. The 20-year-old guard’s scoring ability and potential for growth could make him an ideal fit for the team’s long-term plan. Additionally, Green’s timeline matches up well with the Jazz’s current roster, allowing him to develop alongside other young talents on the team. All in all, a Jalen Green trade could be a smart move for Utah to continue building toward success in the future.

The Jazz have more than just draft picks to offer, as they also have valuable veterans on their roster. This could make them a prime target for the Jalen Green trade, as the Rockets are seeking significant changes this offseason.

3) San Antonio Spurs

NBA Rumors: 3 Potential Jalen Green Trade Destinations for Next Season.

A Jalen Green trade to the San Antonio Spurs could make sense for both parties. As a team looking to rebuild, the Spurs could benefit from acquiring a young talent with a high upside. Additionally, Green could potentially thrive in the Spurs’ system that has a history of developing young players into stars.

Jalen Green could be an intriguing trade target for the San Antonio Spurs as they look to rebuild. While the team has some promising guards, Green could be a valuable addition to their backcourt of the future. Pairing him with another top pick from the upcoming draft could allow the Spurs to take a big step forward in their rebuilding efforts. With a rich history of developing young talent, San Antonio could be the perfect landing spot for Green to continue his development and reach his full potential as a star player in the NBA.

Playing under the guidance of a seasoned coach like Gregg Popovich could help Jalen Green flourish into a top-tier guard in the NBA.

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