NBA free agency ended more than two weeks ago, and yet there are so many players ready to change their teams. Russel Westbrook signed up with the Houston Rockets to play alongside James Harden. At the same time, Chris Paul was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in an exchange deal.

The deal was just done to acquire an asset to be traded later on in the next season of NBA. Here are the new deals which might change teams for Bradley Beal, Kevin Love, D’Angelo Russel, and Chris Paul.

Bradley Beal

NBA rumours deals Bradley Beal

The Washington Wizards have offered a three-year deal at $111 million to their star player Bradley Beal. As of right now, he has neither accepted nor rejected the deal. In the next two days, Beal will have to reveal his stand on the Wizards offer.

There are some reports which indicate that the Miami Heat are interested in Beal and wants to pair him up with Jimmy Butler. The Washington team doesn’t have any title claim, whereas the Heat team is looking strong. In such a situation, Bradley Beal might leave Washington and can join the Miami team.

Kevin Love

NBA rumours deals Kevin Love

Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers can’t come on a common decision, and there are always reports of a separation. The Cavs knows the true value of Love and have him under contract at $120.4 million till the NBA 2022-23 season. He is recovering from his injury, has crossed the age of 30 and doesn’t have many buyers. But given his talent and gameplay, the Warriors could offer Kevin Love a max deal.

D’Angelo Russel

NBA rumours deals D'Angelo Russel

D’Angelo Russel was always a temporary player in the team of Golden State Warriors. He was dealt in as an asset when Kevin Durant went to the Nets in an exchange deal. As per the free agency rule, the Warriors can’t move out Russel before the end of the year. It will also be the time when Klay Thompson is recovered from his injury, and Russel can be traded to some other team.

Chris Paul

NBA rumours deals Chris Paul

Chris Paul has been adding to the problems of the Oklahoma City Thunder team. Paul George and Russel Westbrook leaving the Thunder squad has forced them for a major rebuilding process. Now that no team is ready to buy an older and expensive Paul, the Oklahoma City might let him play for the next season and then offer him for a trade deal.