The NBA offseason is here, and we have the first big transfer news: Anthony Davis is leaving the New Orleans Pelicans and will be lining up for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2019-20 NBA season. Just with that one move, the Lakers have signaled their intent for a strong go at the championship
next season, but there may be more to come- Kyrie Irving, of Boston Celtics, may join the Lakers lineup as well.

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Anthony Davis signed for a Championship push

The trade of Anthony Davis is being described as a move with strong, short term intentions- the Lakers have swapped their future for a solid go at the NBA title in the next few years. In exchange for Anthony Davis, the Pelicans received three young stars from the LA Lakers roster- Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart. Along with that, the Lakers also surrendered their draft pick privileges up till 2025. All these moves underline how highly the Lakers value Anthony Davis.

NBA Trade News Kyrie Irving Lakers Anthony Davis

The Lakers have bet big on this move, and they will be hoping that the partnership of King LeBron and Anthony Davis will pay off immediately. After all, it has been some time for a franchise like the Lakers to go without winning the NBA.

Kyrie Irving the missing All-Star?

Along with Anthony Davis and LeBron, the Lakers need an All-Star name to ensure that their investments pay off quickly. And the front-runner currently is Kyrie Irving.

NBA Trade News Kyrie Irving Lakers Anthony Davis

Kyrie Irving wishes to play alongside Anthony Davis, and now that Davis has moved to the Lakers, it makes sense for Irving to follow his path as well. In fact, Irving has hinted many times on social media that it is likely that he and Davis will be lining up on the same team soon.

It seems a trio of Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James is ready to take the NBA by storm next season.