The NBA free agency starting results are out and we finally get to know about the choice of Kevin Durant. The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets were the top contenders in the race of landing in Kyrie Irving and Durant. While the Knicks are more popular and have more money, the players still didn’t pick them.

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It is not just about Durant and Irving, none of the major stars went to the Knicks squad. The free agency was very heartbreaking for the Knicks, as they got nothing else than a few average players. Here are the reasons why Kevin and Kyrie went with the Nets, instead of the Knicks team.

Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks

Knicks vs Nets NBA trade deal free agents

Earlier it was said that Durant wanted a max contract, while the Knicks didn’t want an injured player. But it was proved wrong when Kevin Durant didn’t even listen to their offers and went to the Nets. The real reason behind any superstar not going with the Knicks is their bad performance. The New York Knicks team have not won more than 32 games for the past five NBA seasons.

While the Brooklyn Nets had 42-40 record and won 25 more games as compared to the Knicks. If Kyrie Irving went to the Knicks with Durant injured, he would have been again stuck as a solo star in a team of young bland players. It is one of the main reasons why both of them went to Nets, as they wanted a better team.

More Trouble for the Knicks

Knicks NBA free agency Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving

Nothing is going writer for the Knicks team, the hope of signing Durant and Irving is also now lost. The Knicks have been falling consistently since the last few seasons and losing more matches than they have won. They even failed to pickup Zion Williamson in the NBA draft lottery.

If Kevin Durant was not injured, he might have gone with the Knicks, but alas nothing of that sort happened. With Durant and Irving, the Brooklyn Nets have a strong claim for the NBA 2020 finals. While the New York Knicks will once again fail badly, and others will laugh on them.