Getting along with neighbors sounds like a situation straight from some fantasy movie. After all, for most of us, it’s impossible to even tolerate them without getting irritated. And here’s another next-door drama that has divided people on the internet.

The story was posted on r/AITA by the Redditor u/buzzilovebeesbuzz, and you guessed it, the person really loves their bees. “I have been keeping bees as a hobby for six years now. I have four hives in my suburban backyard along with a large garden,” the author wrote. 

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This person asks if they were wrong to refuse to get rid of their bees since the new neighbor’s son is highly allergic to them

Here’s the full story of the incident the beekeeper posted on the r/AITA subreddit

Many people supported the author of the post and this is what they had to comment

Others said the beekeeper was wrong and that the kid’s health should be the most important