This world is full of strange things. Nowadays anything can happen to you all of a sudden. In a recent incident, a woman realized that three guys are following him until she met a stranger. Weird right!

To be honest, this is especially true for women who are considered easy targets by thieves and rapists. Women and even teenagers need to be aware and think of clever ways of getting ourselves out of trouble.

One quick-thinking woman was all by herself during late hours, she noticed three strange men were behind her, following her every step. Without any late, she then walked up to a random person who was just passing by on the road.

Then the strange man named Dane Weeks walked the scared woman home. He was simply on his way to a friend’s house in New York when the situation took place.

It was all of a sudden when the lady walked up to him, hugged him, and whispered something in his ear. She requested him to act as he knows her. Dane shared his experience on twitter saying –

“I’m walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered quickly, ‘please act like you know me 3 guys are following me for a while’ I played along then walked her 3 blocks home. What an experience for the both of us.”

That unconscious decision led to saving a woman in need

Dane hardly takes up that route but this time he got distracted by his phone and ended up in this situation. He thinks that this was meant to happen because of which both were in that spot at that same time.

“Whats crazy, I rarely walk down this block,” he continued. “I normally take one way to the train but the way I took is when I walk my dog. I guess my distraction of me watching the debate led me down that path I rarely take to the train. So I guess I was meant to there at that particular moment.”

The woman had explained to him how the three strangers stared at her while she was on the train. They also got off it when she did. She entered a store hoping they would leave but they were waiting for her outside the store.

The woman knew they were after her and hugging Weeks seemed like her way out of that scary situation. Weeks also shared –

“She saw me, and noticed I had a smile on my face looking at my phone and that’s when she knew I would welcome her. She apologized, she felt how shock I was at her untiming hug. I told her I thought it was a set up at first, she laughed because she said that’s New York mentality.”

The lady couldn’t thank him enough

Both shared their contact information and he gladly offered to walk her home whenever she needed. Dave was glad to help the lady. and also talked to her boyfriend about it.

Later, he shared an update regarding the incident of how she couldn’t thank him enough.

So, with three men following her, how did she feel comfortable walking up to another strange man and hugging him? Apparently, it was Weeks’ smile that made her feel safe. Dane also met her 5 years old son and her mother.

“I spoke to her mother as well who was thankful for me being there. I told her the offer still stands if she ever needs someone to walk her home from the train station. Her mother was definitely grateful, some nights she works late.”

Knowing there are people like Weeks in this world, we feel more secure and our faith in humanity is restored.