Black Mirror will be premiering on Netflix and is known for its exploration technologically and progressively. A few of such advancements may result in accidents or perhaps wide technology usage. However, it will now have something way more intriguing for fans.

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Black Mirror Season 5: It will be more optimistic!

Black Mirror Season 5- It will be more optimistic!

As per recent reports, Black Mirror season five might be a bit more optimistic. Showrunner Charles Brooker also states that the forthcoming Black Mirror season will no longer be suspicious.

The Black Mirror team will be trying to create every episode in a more optimistic way rather than making it look dangerous. However, you don’t start thinking that it won’t have any twists and action.

Black Mirror Season 5: Plot

Black Mirror Season 5- Plot

Season 5 of Black Mirror will be amazing, paying homage to various other shows. It will be boasting an adventurous plot full of turns and twists. Keeping aside the evils created by technology, this will give fans a sneak into what the future may hold around 2030-2035.

However, the next Black Mirror season will be incredible and fans should appreciate Netflix for it. It aims at those who use a lot of technology, teaching them its effects. The series manages to change the target audience in each episode giving it a greater way for spicing things up.

The series surely shows the disadvantage of technology which fans enjoy a lot. Unlike most series, these don’t have a happy ending as they end up with the bitter truth that affects us.

Black Mirror Season 5: Trailer

Black Mirror is highly addictive and equally entertaining. The cast is flawless and the horrifying experience of tech and its dependency is shown in each episode. The direction of Black Mirror is incredible, keeping fans on the edge as it’s not easy to guess what happens in it, which makes it predictable, curious and mysterious.