Over the years, Netflix has added a tonne of fresh programs and movies to the horror canon. However, one of these  Netflix horror series is now airing again on Netflix after being canceled in the past.

As you can see below, social media users are rediscovering the Netflix horror series and how spooky it is. Many of these individuals express that they are “scared for life” as a result of the show, and some report that they are too terrified to sleep.

It clearly demonstrates the potential longevity of a horror project. And for this specific series, Marianne, it’s a victory for something that the service had already shelved in 2020. Naturally, that doesn’t appear to have hindered the series, as many people maintain that Marianne is a fantastic illustration of the genre.

Following are a few of the comments that people posted on social media:

In 2019, Netflix debuted the French horror film Marianne for the first time. Samuel Bodin is the author, writer, and director of it. Fortunately, the series’ sole season does present a fully standalone story despite being canceled. The story is about a writer who returns to her hometown and quickly learns some unpleasant truths. It’s a fantastic setup and one of the reasons why so many fans are afraid of the show.

Netflix Horror Series Trailer

 Netflix horror series Marianne

Of course, the horror subgenre always finds a method to resurrect a villain or menace. And if Netflix had chosen to produce a second season, they most definitely would have. However, Marianne appears to function flawlessly as a single season for what it is, especially if these comments from followers on social media are to be believed.

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