Netflix has announced that Sex/Life Season 3 won’t be renewed. Sex/Life was a surprise hit when it premiered on Netflix in 2021. The raunchy storyline made for a compelling watch. Within 2 years, a brand new season of Sex/Life started streaming on Netflix. But the poor response and a scandalous incident involving one of the cast members have shut the doors for now.

Created by Stacy Rukeyser, Sex/Life is a romantic comedy that deals with typical issues faced in a relationship. The Sex/Life season 2 finale was quite open-ended so fas expected that the series would be back with season 3. But it is now confirmed that Sex/Life season 3 stands cancelled.

Sex/Life Season 3 cancelled
The Sex/Life season 2 finale was quite open-ended

Why Netflix Has Cancelled Sex/Life Season 3?

Fans opined that S*x/Life season 3 could have had many potential storylines. The makers could have shown the journey of Billie and Brad after their marriage and how they manage to raise four children. There could have been focusing on the pregnancy track as well. So season 3 should have been a possibility.

But others felt it was good not to have Sex/Life season 3. One of the crew members said that season 2 ended up providing a definite conclusion to the show’s primary characters. It all culminated in quite an organic manner, as all the issues were resolved eventually. Hence the need for Sex/Life season 3 was not felt.

Stacy Rukeyser, the show’s creator revealed that there was no intention to end the series so soon. In a conversation with THR, Stacy mentioned

 The episode was never intended to be a series finale, that’s for sure. I know there are always more stories to tell with these characters in the Sex/Life universe, and I hope we get the chance to tell those stories

Sex/Life Season 2 Finale Recap

Sex/Life Season 2 finale on Netflix involved huge drama. Devon and Cooper’s car crashes. Billie gets Cooper back home from police custody. Hudson decides to run away during a night out but he is located with the help of Billie and Cooper. Cooper and Emily are reunited. Sasha makes the tough decision to stay with Kam. The show ends with Brad and Billie sharing a romantic moment on the beach as Billie tells him that she’s pregnant.

Sarah Shahi’s Criticism Of Sex/Life Season 2

Sarah Shahi heavily criticised the experience of filming season 2. In a podcast, she mentioned that she really struggled with the material (perhaps the plotline and character development. Her words confirmed that Sex/Life season 3 is unlikely to occur.  She even went on to say that she wouldn’t want to work with Netflix anytime in the future.

It became a much different thing for me, and I’m not afraid to say that,” she said. “I l… I mean, I’m never going to work for Netflix again now after saying all this. I just can’t lie

Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for Sex/Life season 2.