Sweet Tooth season 3 is not yet officially confirmed by Netflix, but fans are eagerly anticipating its announcement. The second season of the show just premiered on April 27, 2022, and fans have already finished watching all the new episodes. Season 2 of the show has been received positively by fans and critics, and the show has already got a loyal fanbase.

Sweet Tooth season 3: Will there be a third season on Netflix?
Sweet Tooth boasts an impressive cast. | ©Netflix

Sweet Tooth season 3 could be a possibility as fans are eagerly waiting for more after the second season’s epic ending. In the second season, the story saw Gus and other hybrids captured and imprisoned by General Abbot and his mercenaries. Jepperd and Aimee team up to save them while Dr. Singh works to find a cure for the virus. With so many plot threads left hanging, fans are speculating and hoping for a third season to wrap everything up. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement about the renewal yet.

Is Sweet Tooth season 3 happening?

As of April 27, Netflix has not renewed Sweet Tooth for a third season, and while some shows are given early renewals, Sweet Tooth was not one of them. However, fans should worry yet, as the streaming platform does not always renew shows early.

Sweet Tooth season 3: Will there be a third season on Netflix?

It’s possible that we’ll have to wait for about a month before we hear any official word from Netflix about a Sweet Tooth season 3. The streaming giant needs to evaluate the show’s viewership numbers during the first month after release to determine its success. High viewing hours during this time could increase the likelihood of renewal. However, completion rates are also significant; viewers must watch all eight episodes of the second season for it to count.

With how the second season ended, a third season of Sweet Tooth is possible. But we’re waiting for Netflix’s approval. There’s still more story to tell.

Spread the word about Sweet Tooth season 2 while we wait for news on a potential season 3. Letting more people know about the show can increase the likelihood of its renewal. We’ll keep you posted when there’s an update.

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