One Piece is one of the widely popular anime series that was aired 20 years ago. The series follows the story of Monkey D Luffy and his crew on their adventure.

Fans all around the world love to watch new episodes of this amazing anime series since it has great storytelling, thrilling action scenes, humorous moments, and heart-wrenching emotions.

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Release Date Delay Confirmed Amid Horrible First Reviews
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Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Series Faces Delay Due to Poor Reviews and Reshoots

Netflix’s upcoming One Piece live-action adaption has been in the making for a long time now. Fans of the anime series are eagerly waiting for its release. However, recent news indicates that there will be a delay in the release of the series.

As per reports, the anime series’ early reviews have been pretty bad, with many fans and critics alike criticizing the series’ poor CGI and non-sensible storyline.

As a result of negative reviews from the fans, the creators have decided to go back to the drawing board and do a complete reshoot of the series. Not just is the series reshooting, but the anime series is completely rewritten from scratch.

A Twitter handle, @DivinitySeeker1, shared a thread of tweets in which he described his experience of the first episode of the One Piece live-action series.

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Release Date Delay Confirmed Amid Horrible First Reviews
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The Twitter user mentioned that the episodes strayed away from the original story of the anime series.

He further said the episode began with the flashback of young Monkey D Luffy, which took up the most amount of time in the first episode.

The first episode’s second half introduced the four Straw Hat Pirates members, but it finished pretty quickly.

According to fans, the tone of the One Piece live-action series isn’t working for them. Furthermore, the cast’s appearance is different from the original characters, which causes confusion and inconsistency.

Episode three of the series will feature Baratie restaurant. Fans also pointed out the character’s hair issues and commented on how unnatural the character’s hair was.

Creators Promise Changes to One Piece Live-Action Series to Meet Fan Expectations

The creators of One Piece live-action are working on changes to fix the issues so that the anime series can meet fans’ expectations. However, the big question is whether the One Piece live-action series will remain true to the source material.