Antonio Brown was the latest addition to the Oakland Raiders who could have improved their game. He is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and any team would be happy to have him. The Raiders got Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers in a trade deal and had to give their third and fifth-round draft pick in exchange.

While everything was going good with Raiders and Brown, a new problem has raised for them. Brown is now suffering from a strange foot injury which can put a stop on his games. He may have to sit on the bench for a while and it could be a tense situation for the Oakland side. Here are details on Antonio Brown’s injury and its after-effects on the Raiders.

Antonio Brown New Injury

NFL Oakland Raiders Brown Injury

Antonio Brown himself shared a picture of his foot on his Instagram story and it made the world aware of his injury. While most of the people thought it was a practice injury, some experts have found the real cause. As per the NFL insiders, Brown’s foot injury has occurred due to him being careless in the cryogenic chambers.

Antonio must not have been wearing proper footgear protection and it leads to frostbite on both of his foot soles. The Raiders had to put Brown on the injured list after the incident. None of them is sure whether he will be able to recover on time or not.

Problem for the Raiders

Trouble for Raiders

Brown has been an amazing player in the NFL games and hence the Raiders signed him in a big trade deal. He has six continuous seasons for 100 plus catches and running for 100 plus yards. The Raiders were confident to get back in form as Brown could have partnered with quarterback Derek Carr.

Now that Brown is injured, it had made the future of Raiders very complicated. HBO Hard Knocks, the documentary series will feature the Oakland Raiders this season. Antonio Brown and his mysterious foot injury can be a big part of the show.